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OOTD: Wearing the Pants

I'm not sure when I started drifting away from wearing dress pants.  I think it might have been when I discovered Anthropologie and all the wonderful things dresses and skirt could do.  But when I want a good menswear inspired look, really the only way to go with bottoms are pants.  For extra flair, I even decided to forgo the normal bow on my top and tie it in a more dude kind of way.  Well, as dude-like as I could manage with a floral shirt.  I've recently picked up a boyfriend watch so that I could stop banging my BFs on walls and scratching it up and whatnot, so maybe that's why I keep going for more streamlined than ruffled outfits as of late. 

OOTD: Business 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie
Bottoms: Gap
Shoes: Seychelles
Sunglasses: Stunners
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

OOTD: BusinessOOTD: BusinessOOTD: Business 

I totally thought the red shoes would be too Christmassy, but I guess separating the green and the red helped!   Have a good one!  Thanks for stopping by!

OOTD: Motoring Hipsters

I don't think my car has ever made it onto this blog.  Close your eyes for a second.  What kind of car do you think I have? 





Did you get it right?

I have to say I have an unhealthy attachment to my car.  I got it right after I graduated from college because i was bound and determined to have a Mini Cooper ever since I saw Italian Job in 2003.  Yes, cliche, I know.   

OOTD: Rock On 
Outfit Details
Top: StyleMint Nixon
Blazer: Forever 21
Jeans: Gap 1969 Always Skinny
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Purse: Orla Kiely

OOTD: Rock On 

I remember being so mad when I moved from Chicago, where NO ONE had my car to San Francisco, where EVERYONE did.  All the hipsters ruined my independent personality! 

Speaking of hipsters, I guess I must have drank the Kool-Aid -- this is a kinda hipsterish outfit.  I even have the polka dot sunglasses!  I really love being able to throw a blazer over a casual outfit and sneakers.  It's just such a contradictory combination.  Bonus points that the flowers on my blazer match my car! 

Hope everyone's having a great September! 

Thanks for stopping by!