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OOTD: You Spin Me Round

OOTD: You Spin Me Round

Outfit Details
Dress: StyleMint Broadway Dress
Cardigan: French Connection
Shoes: Anthropologie Primped and Pebbled Boots
Scarf: TopShop
Belt: Anthropologie Double Vision Belt
Sunglasses: Stunners
OOTD: You Spin Me RoundOOTD: You Spin Me RoundOOTD: You Spin Me RoundOOTD: You Spin Me RoundOOTD: You Spin Me RoundOOTD: You Spin Me Round

These pictures were taken the day before Valentine's Day outside of a gas station.  Yes, a gas station.  Because there's nothing like making your fiancee multi-task pumping gas in the car and taking outfit photos.  Takes grunge fashion to the next level.  Well, not really.  But a girl can pretend right?

I know I've waxed poetic (well not poetic really, but whatever) about how weird it is to take outfit pictures in public sometimes.  I have to resist the urge to pick up my camera and run flailing my camera and tripod behind me if someone even opens a door in line of sight of me self photo taking.  I don't know what it was about that day, but I had no problem spinning in circles near the gas pump as he took pictures of me.  Maybe it was because he was making me giggle the whole time and I didn't realize other people thought I was being weird.  Or maybe spinning makes me so dizzy I can't see the stares.  Who knows? But you know what? I'll go with it.

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OOTD: Patchwork

OOTD: Patchwork 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Open Portals Top
Cardigan: J Crew Katelyn Ruffle Cardigan
Bottoms: AG Stevie Patchwork
Shoes: Zigi Soho Mixer Boots OOTD: PatchworkOOTD: PatchworkOOTD: PatchworkOOTD: Patchwork 

Where has the year gone?  Are we seriously already more than halfway through February?  That's way too crazy.  This is about as close as I've gotten to getting on board the patterned jeans trend.  These are super comfy and still seem like something I can dress up or dress down.  I really want a pair of polka dotted ones, but I'm holding back because really, I don't need another pair of jeans. 

Where do you stand on the patterned jeans trend?  Share in the comments!

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OOTD: The Immediacy of Tartan

The Immediacy of Tartan
Outfit Details
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Anthropologie Wind and Whirl Cardigan
Bottom: J Crew City mini in Dublin tartan
Shoes: Anthropologie primped and pebbled boots
Socks: Happy Socks

The Immediacy of TartanThe Immediacy of TartanThe Immediacy of TartanThe Immediacy of Tartan

Sometimes I can't wait to wear something after I buy it.  This amazing Tartan skirt is one of those things.  I picked it up during the J Crew 40% final sale time in January and it reminds me of Catholic grade school times. And with all the colors in the plaid, it's incredibly versatile -- and made of wool to keep you warm to boot!  I had to take a picture of it before the day end, but the sun had gone down, so sad phone pictures in the fitting room it had to be.  Sorry about that! 

Do you have a recent purchase that you love?  Share in the comments!

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January on Instagram

Yes, yes, I know it's already mid-February.  But whatever!  Here's what was on the tolookforstyle Instagram in January.

//Old Navy Owl Scarf, Michael Kors Leather Jacket, Anthropologie hoodie //Engaged!
//Needed caffeine and something cold to drink //J Crew tartan skirt on sale! 
//Outfit with tartan skirt //Tahoe sparkles
//Lying in the snow at Tahoe Northstar //Best view evar

Yes, I got engaged over the holidays.  Yes, I'm super excited!  I guess there's wedding posts in this blog's future.  

How was your January?  Cold? 

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OOTD: Kelly Lemon

OOTD: Kelly Lemon
Outfit Details
Top: Booth at London Spitalfields Market
Cardigan: J Crew
Bottoms: Gap 1969 Skinny Cords
Shoes: Converse
Scarf: Old Navy
Necklace: Unknown
OOTD: Kelly LemonOOTD: Kelly LemonOOTD: Kelly LemonOOTD: Kelly LemonOOTD: Kelly Lemon

Friends, I am having quite the yellow, green and brown streak -- er, with clothes that is.  (Whoa...that was not intentional.  If you don't get it...don't worry about it). Anyway, kelly green and mustard reminds me of bright, citrus-y lemons and limes, which reminds me of summer and fun outdoors-y days. 

I also love this top because it's basically a fabulous girl who had no time to get herself fixed up in the morning (or alternatively, spent hours making her self look like she spent no time fixing her self up in the morning.  Defeats the purpose, really -- DON'T DO THAT!).   And she has hipster glasses.  It just makes me feel all warm and San Franciscan inside.

Any fun prints you love on articles of clothing you own?  Share in the comments!

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Travel Report: Paris

I know it's been over a month, but I wanted to share some of our highlights from Paris over the Christmas holiday.  It was so fast paced and we had so much we wanted to do, see and eat, that it was a literal whirlwind of activity?  (Well, not so literal there WAS a whirlwind.  You know, imaginarily literal...).

2 Days in Paris2 Days in Paris
2 Days in Paris
2 Days in Paris2 Days in Paris
2 Days in Paris
2 Days in Paris
2 Days in Paris 

We had such an amazing time.  This is only 10% of the pictures we took! While not my favorite place on our trip, it definitely had the most history.

Picture descriptions: 
//In front of the Louvre // Notre Dame
// Notre Dame (Outfit: Tucker Tunic, Banana Republic Cardigan, Zigi Soho Mixer Boots, Hobo International Bag)
// Notre Dame Stained Glass
// Eiffel Tower // Charcuterie Plate
// More Eiffel Tower
// Mona Lisa // Homemade Peach Rum at Le Petit Pot
// In front of the Louvre
// Inside the Louvre
// Arc d'Triomphe // French Onion Soup at Le Beouf Courrone
// In front of Arc d'Triomphe (Outfit: J Crew Umbrella, Burton Coat, Lotus Premium Denim, Zigi Soho Mixer Boots, Hobo International Bag)
// Meal at Le Beouf Courrone // Table Wine at Le Beouf Courrone
// On the way to Le Sacre Coeur Basilica // Le Sacre Coeur Basilica
// In front of Le Sacre Coeur Basilica (Outfit: Pashmina from Italy, Burton Coat, Lotus Premium Denim, Zigi Soho Mixer Boots)
// Vin Chaud from Christmas Market
// View from Le Sacre Coeur Basilica

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