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My Holiday in Pictures

Sorry for the unplanned blog posting break readers!  I've just had so much fun at home with my family and friends that I failed to nurture my little corner of the web.  But never fear!  I have been quite active on Twitter and Instagr.am documenting my various adventures.  And thought I'd share a select few of those here!

My vacation started with at the San Jose Mineta International Airport with a flight to Chicago.  I got there an hour and a half early expecting horrendous lines and irritated fellow passengers.  Instead, I found this: 

Seriously empty right?  As a result, I breezed through bag check in and security, and spend an hour hanging out at the Santa Cruz Wine Bar.  And wasn't it the most fantastic relaxing time! 

Mercury Rising, which was the darkest wine, was one of my favorites.  I then stopped over in Las Vegas, an airport complete with slot machines and Ethel M's, one of my favorite chocolatiers.  They used to have several locations in Chicago, but when the economy collapsed, they retreated back to their Las Vegas home base.  I made it a point to pick up a few bags of their drinking chocolate, which makes such dark and rich hot chocolate! 

The next few days I spent working from home and getting my pamper on with my mom!  I only get my hair cut in Chicago (anyone else commiserate with me on the pains of finding a new hair stylist?), so I got some new layers.  She curled my hair too and it was just too cute -- I can never get my hair to do that stuff! Then I got a fun, Christmassy manicure using Opi's Santa Baby.

This has been a very vintage/thrifty trip because I've really scored a bunch of great pieces!  Not least of all these fantastic Ray Ban wayfarers my mom's left in the guest bedroom I sleep in when I come home.  They've been there for 3 years and I finally asked if I could have them.  After a little resistance she said yes!  How awesome are these? 

And just to go with the vintage theme, check out a pic of  my mom from when she was in high school.  So awesome! Isn't she pretty? 


Well that concludes Part 1 of my trip home.  Stay tuned for the next part!  Hope you all had a fantastic holiday.   Did you get anything good? 

Thanks for stopping by!

Sales are the Bane of my Existence

The Thanksgiving - New Year holiday season is just way to killer on my budget.  I have a feeling that I"m going to have an embarrassing December clothing budget post to share upon my return home.  It's just too hard -- so many bright, shiny, on sale things at the mall when trying to find presents for other people!  Thank goodness I missed Black Friday or I would've really been in trouble.

Along these lines, my personal favorite store Anthropologie (like you couldn't have guessed my favorite store) is having a 50% of sale sale.  And if you know Anthro like I do, they just never have sales like this!  Well, except for last year I suppose, but this one came early and with so much selection I couldn't resist!

So, here are some of the amazing things I picked up:

Kentfield Blazer, $40

Tarpan Buttondown, $25

Ruffled Demi Turtleneck, $20

Latte Bowls, $1 each

My favorite are the Latte Bowls.  Super fun deal and I got them in a neat maroon color.  Did you buy anything at the sale?  Share in the comments!  If not, it's not too late!  

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OOTD: Fashion Safari

I don't know why the safari inspired look is perpetually in, but I love it.  Maybe it's because it includes my favorite color (green) more times than not.  Or possibly because of it's streamlined look and the illusion that you can actually be an active adventurer in clothes of that style.

OOTD: Fashion Safari 
Outfit Details
Top: Rubbish via Nordstrom
Vest: Nordstrom
Shorts: Express
Boots: Anthropologie Bucolic Fields Boots
Belt: Aeropostale

OOTD: Fashion Safari OOTD: Fashion Safari 

I'm actually in Chicago now (with a brand spanking new haircut that I'll share later! Though if you're following me on Twitter you already saw it.) hanging with the family for Christmas.   It's super fun and I'm catching up with all the folks that I haven't seen in a long time -- especially since I wasn't able to make it last year.  And really, eating at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day made me that much sadder.  So, it's great to be back in the annual holiday home bound saddle!  What are you doing for Christmas?  Staying home?  Roughing the crazy airports to go somewhere else? 

Thanks for stopping by!

OOTD: Tick Tock Goes the Clock

This cardigan is really what got me into Anthropologie.  Dubbed the Tick Tock Cardigan, it drew me into the store every time I passed – I literally petted it with each visit.  The clocks reminded me of new years and the general design reminded me of Christmas ornaments.  It was the perfect combination of holiday festivities. 

Sadly, since I didn’t know how to take care of quality clothing, I put it through the washer-dryer cycle.  It shrunk ever so lslightly, but enough for me to notice it.  Obviously, I  can still wear it, but the boiled wool was never the same.  Regardless, I still love it and wear it J.

OOTD: Tick Tock Goes the Clock 
Outfit Details
Top: J Crew
Cardigan: Anthropologie Tick Tock Caradigan
Bottoms: AG Stevie Crops via Anthropologie
Shoes: Anthropologie Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes
Bracelets: From mommy :)
  OOTD: Tick Tock Goes the ClockOOTD: Tick Tock Goes the ClockOOTD: Tick Tock Goes the ClockOOTD: Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Do you have an article of clothing that attracted you at first sight?  What was it? What store did it come from?  Tell me in the comments! (Seriously, tell me.  Otherwise I'm going to be sitting in the Las Vegas airport bored out of my mind ;) )

Thanks for stopping by! 

OOTD: Spontaneous Crying

One of the times I curse being a girl is when I have a spontaneous cry.  Have you ever experienced that readers?  Where everything's fine, everything's fine, everything's fine...the BOOM...you see a heartwarming moment on a TV show where a kid that runs away comes back or with everyone having a nice family supper.  Or maybe it's just a cute puppy running in a meadow on TV.  All of a sudden your face gets hot, your eyes get watery and you're mind's like "WTF?!"  I blame estrogen.

Needless to say, I had a spontaneous cry today. Someone gave me some very nice, constructive criticism that had no insult to it and had my best interest and safety at heart.  It frustrated me because there was no reason for it and it was kinda embarrassing.  But also gave me a release for the pent up stress I had for the week, so I'll take solace in that.  Does that ever happen to you?  How do you handle it?

OOTD: Figure Skates 
Outfit Details
Top: Banana Republic Factory
Bottom: Anthropologie Bold Felicia Skirt
Shoes: Kenzie via eBay
Necklace: Anthropologie
Tights: Spanx

OOTD: Figure Skates OOTD: Figure SkatesOOTD: Figure Skates 

This outfit was ice skating inspired, mainly because I wore it ice skating.  Note the close fitting top, slightly frilly miniskirt and tights.  There was a skate rink set up in the middle of downtown San Jose and we skated in the palms!  Super fun experience.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!

OOTD: I Feel Old

If you follow me on Twitter, and you SHOULD (@tolookforstyle), you'll know that I was at a high school band and choir concert on Wednesday.  As I watched, it became pretty obvious that my fashion sense has greatly changed over the years.  I no longer want to wear bandage skirts that stop just after my butt -- yes there was a girl performing at a HS choir concert wearing one -- and I think I wear sneakers once a week at best.  And this outfit is definitely something that I aspired to wear when I got older and more mature.

Sigh.  Well I guess I AM older and more mature.

OOTD: I Feel Old 
Outfit Details
Top: J Crew Elodie
Skirt: Anthropologie Woodblock Print Skirt
Shoes: Anthropologie Bowed Lacerta Mary Janes
Scarf: Moms' closet
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Tights: Spanx
OOTD: I Feel OldOOTD: I Feel OldOOTD: I Feel Old 

Did I mention you should follow me on Twitter?  Just sayin'.  Thanks for stopping by!

OOTD: Not My Boyfriend's Jeans

You know, Boyfriend Jeans were always one of those trends that I didn't really understand.   It's probably because I'm 5 foot and petite -- not the kind of girl that would borrow her boyfriend's jeans.  But when I tried on these jeans from the 7 for All Mankind outlet, I really liked how they looked and ended up bringing them home.  ...and for fun, I made my BF try them on.  Yeah...they sorta fit.  If he wore skin tight skinny jeans.  Definitely NOT my boyfriend's jeans :).

Still, a nice and comfy addition to a weekend outfit!

OOTD: Not My Boyfriend's Jeans 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Wind Rippled Tee
Cardigan: Anthropologie FIeld Game Cardigan
Bottoms: 7 for All Mankind Alice Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Scarf: Gift
  OOTD: Not My Boyfriend's JeansOOTD: Not My Boyfriend's JeansOOTD: Not My Boyfriend's JeansOOTD: Not My Boyfriend's Jeans 

Do you wear your boyfriend's jeans?  Or maybe poser boyfriend jeans like I do? Do you like them?  What do you wear them with? Tell me!

Thanks for stopping by!  

OOTD: Ketchup and Mustard

Gap used to be one of my absolute go-to stores until I started incorporating more whimsy into my wardrobe.  Their mix of solid basics and prep with embellishments really resonated with my sense of style.  And let's face it, they also have really (really) great sales.  Case in point - I bought these skinny, ankle length mustard cords a year and a half ago for something like $20.  And now that color blocking is in, I win more times than I can count!

I quite love how this outfit turned out.  Stiletto heels and skinny jeans are sexy in pretty much any combination you can think of.  Even though red and yellow next to each other tends to remind me of ketchup and mustard. 

OOTD: Ketchup & Mustard 
Outfit Details
Sweater, Button Down & Cords: Gap
Shoes: Steve Madden

OOTD: Ketchup & MustardOOTD: Ketchup & Mustard 

Are there any stores you no longer shop at that still have a presence in your wardrobe?  Tell me! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

OOTD: Party Time

In honor of Everybody, Everywear's Sequins and Sparkles day, I've put on some of my best party gear.  While I don't have a party to go to right this minute, there are several that are coming up with the upcoming holiday.  And while I normally like a good color block, sometimes it's best to subdue an outfit to let accessories shine.

I picked up this amazing tie necklace at a WorkPlayDate pop-up shop that was selling during yesterday's event at SeeZenn.  I love how I can go goth chic using a necklace instead of a skinny tie!  So amazingly cute -- and pretty sparkly if I do say so myself! 

OOTD: Sparkle Tie 
Outfit Details
Dress: Modcloth Maroon Five Slits Dress
Jacket: Express
Boots: Anthropologie Belted Booties
Tights: Spanx Tight End
Belt: Steve Madden
Necklace: WorkPlayDate
  OOTD: Sparkle TieOOTD: Sparkle TieOOTD: Sparkle TieOOTD: Sparkle Tie 

I would wear totally wear this to a NYE party.  What do you do to get dressed and get your party on?  Share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere

Sneak Peek: SeeZenn/SFFAMA Holiday Party

Hey there!

It's a bit late and I'm probably going to have do full coverage of this later, but I had so much fun going to the SeeZenn/SFFama holiday party in the San Francisco Westfield mall today!  There was food and drink, pop-up shops and a local fashion blogger panel.  I learned a lot about the local blogger and indie fashion scene and I couldn't be more pleased with the event.

Some pictures to tide you over:

A highly informative panel session with local San Francisco bloggers.  From left to right: Mignon Gould, The Chic Spy; Amber Lane, Amber's Notebook; Jes Ryzenberg, Ryzenberg On; Mira Torres, The Beauty Bohemian; Melissa Sanchez, Savvy in San Francisco; Andrea Krystine, Refix Mag & Ecologique.  These ladies were super down to earth and just had a lot of fun answering questions!

Pretty, pretty shoes by Deefind.  She had many other kinds of amazing shoes also!  So sad they didn't have my size ;).  

And for all you petites out there, I found some amazing straight legged jeans by Lotus Premium Denim.  Uh, 28" inseam what?  I never get that unless I get ankle jeans (ugh) or have them hemmed (double ugh)!

If you've been following along in my Twitter or Instagram (@tolookforstyle), you probably already have seen these.  If not, enjoy!

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OOTD: Off the Cuff

Well I think I've just become obsessed with cuffing skinny jeans.  The trick to counteract interrupting the line of the leg with the cuff is to wear heels with it.  Nude pumps would have served better, but they were too high for me to walk to the train in.  Besides, they're polka dotted, which lines up quite nicely with my shirt!

OOTD: Cuffed Jeans 

Outfit Details
Top: J Crew
Jeans: Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Steve Madden 

I think that instagram is so wonderful that even my work bathroom looks spiffy, don't you?  Follow me at to lookforstyle if you're on it!  I would love to follow you also.  

Happy Friday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!

OOTD: Skirt Swirl

I've been trying to shake up my styling a little bit -- I know that I've spent a whole lot of time tucking shirts into skirts and belting them.  Well, NOW I give you ... an untucked sweater with a belt.  I hear you laughing.  It was a big step for me, the untucking.  Don't judge ;).  

In other news, I really think this mini was a great investment.  It's neutral, but the micro pleats give it some interest for a neutral outfit.  And besides, what's a neutral outfit for but to showcase red peep toes, really?

OOTD: Skirt Swirl 

Outfit Details
Top: Vince via thrift store
Skirt: ASOS Pleated Skirt
Shoes: eBay
Scarf: J Crew Silk Driving Scarf
Tights: Nordstrom Rack
Belt: J Crew Factory

  OOTD: Skirt SwirlOOTD: Skirt SwirlOOTD: Skirt Swirl 

Would you believe that I got this cashmere sweater for free?  That's right.  From Goodwill.  It's a little big and there's a tiny hole in it that I have strategically hidden, but it's suuuuuper warm.   I'm starting to like this fashion savings goal of mine.  Especially if it helps open my eyes to treasures like this!  Though I DO have some Kate Spade sling backs sitting in my endless cart.  On super sale.  For > $100.  I've fought it for a day.  We'll see if I last.   

Happy Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by!