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My Holiday in Pictures

Sorry for the unplanned blog posting break readers!  I've just had so much fun at home with my family and friends that I failed to nurture my little corner of the web.  But never fear!  I have been quite active on Twitter and Instagr.am documenting my various adventures.  And thought I'd share a select few of those here!

My vacation started with at the San Jose Mineta International Airport with a flight to Chicago.  I got there an hour and a half early expecting horrendous lines and irritated fellow passengers.  Instead, I found this: 

Seriously empty right?  As a result, I breezed through bag check in and security, and spend an hour hanging out at the Santa Cruz Wine Bar.  And wasn't it the most fantastic relaxing time! 

Mercury Rising, which was the darkest wine, was one of my favorites.  I then stopped over in Las Vegas, an airport complete with slot machines and Ethel M's, one of my favorite chocolatiers.  They used to have several locations in Chicago, but when the economy collapsed, they retreated back to their Las Vegas home base.  I made it a point to pick up a few bags of their drinking chocolate, which makes such dark and rich hot chocolate! 

The next few days I spent working from home and getting my pamper on with my mom!  I only get my hair cut in Chicago (anyone else commiserate with me on the pains of finding a new hair stylist?), so I got some new layers.  She curled my hair too and it was just too cute -- I can never get my hair to do that stuff! Then I got a fun, Christmassy manicure using Opi's Santa Baby.

This has been a very vintage/thrifty trip because I've really scored a bunch of great pieces!  Not least of all these fantastic Ray Ban wayfarers my mom's left in the guest bedroom I sleep in when I come home.  They've been there for 3 years and I finally asked if I could have them.  After a little resistance she said yes!  How awesome are these? 

And just to go with the vintage theme, check out a pic of  my mom from when she was in high school.  So awesome! Isn't she pretty? 


Well that concludes Part 1 of my trip home.  Stay tuned for the next part!  Hope you all had a fantastic holiday.   Did you get anything good? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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