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OOTD: Impractical Sweater

Fashion's a pretty funny thing.  This sweater, by all accounts, is probably one of the most impractical items that I own.  It's sweater material, short sleeved and cropped.  Which makes it difficult to wear in the summer because its warm and also in the winter because it doesn't cover enough.  Oh well, I love it all the same.  And that's what layering is for, right?

OOTD: Impractical Sweater 
Outfit Details
Top: Forever 21
Cami: Guess
Pants: AG Stevie Ankle
Shoes: Target Taki Mary Janes
Scarf: French Connection
Necklace: Kohls
  OOTD: Impractical SweaterOOTD: Impractical SweaterOOTD: Impractical Sweater 

I normally don't take pictures in the morning because, well, my hair isn't typically dry by the time I leave the house.  But since that's the only time its light out, I have to work with what I've got.  

Happy weekend to all!  Thanks for stopping by!  

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