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OOTD: I'm a Terrible Person

It's been a busy few...weeks..(a busy month?) and I have sadly neglected my blog.  Weird thing is, I've been taking pictures, so I DO have outfits.  So let me share one with you now!   I took this after the BF's band concert on one of the little dollies in his classroom.  It's been raining all week, so rain boots have been a staple in my outfits.

OOTD: I'm a Terrible Person 
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Delicate Drafts Cardigan
Shirt: J Crew
Skirt: Anthropologie Avant Tweed Skirt
Shoes: Burberry House Check Rainboots
Sunglasses: Forgot
Scarf: Missoni via Anthropologie

 OOTD: I'm a Terrible PersonOOTD: I'm a Terrible Person 

The band concert itself was incredibly great!  I also talked to some of the kids afterwards and we talked about everything from why Harry Potter took the trouble to break the Elder Wand in half just to throw both pieces in the same direction in the last movie to Captain Planet.  Kids are the greatest.  That's why I just refuse to give up!

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Fitting Room Reviews: Scattered Wing Romper, Blue Jay Chemise, Tochon Embossed Ponte Dress, Minutiae Dropwaist Dress

Well, I've been making the Anthro rounds, so here's a crop of fitting room reviews for you.  Enjoy! 

Fitting RoomFitting Room

Scattered Wing Romper, Leifsdottir, size 2, $168
Omigosh, I LOVED this piece.  I typically don't like rompers because of the drop waist, but I think this one is helping me come around.  The pattern is fantastic with the birds flying across the purple backdrop.  When I saw it on the hanger, it reminded me a bit of a kimono, which appealed to the Japanophile in me.  It has some great details in the collar with the snap across the neck and the deep V.  It fits TTS.  The only downside for me is that this romper is made of polyester.  I mean, really?  This is a Leifsdottir piece Anthro!  Isn't that supposed to be the high end label?  I would have rather seen this in a silk.  Nonetheless, I'm totally stalking this for sale and if it happens to hit second cuts, then it is definitely mine! 

Fitting RoomFitting Room

Blue Jay Chemise, Aiko, size XS, $158
I've been looking for a jersey striped dress, so when I saw this on my hanger while making my Anthro rounds, it made it into my try-on pile.  I was skeptical about the length and the extreme lightness of the material, particularly because it was located in the sleep and lounge section.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The asymmetrical hem is on trend and provides some great interest to the piece.  The fit is great -- form fitting without clinging and TTS.  I like the thicker straps and the comfy jersey.  On the downside, this is a tremendously expensive chemise.  $168?!  For something to sleep in!? And it's practically made of a wisp of a piece of cloth!  I'm hoping this goes on extreme sale because I want it in my closet, but I can't bring myself to spend almost two hundred on it. 

Fitting RoomFitting Room
Torchon Embossed Ponte Dress, Deletta, size XS, $128
This was such a cute staple dress.  We've seen this in several incarnations in the last year or so, and it's no surprise that it's such a big hit.  It has a great fitted bodice and a fantastic flare to the skirt.  I love the texture because it adds interest to the piece.  You could layer up the wazoo with this dress!  Similar to other Deletta fit, I think it fits TTS. 

Fitting RoomFitting Room

Minutiae Dropwaist Dress, Meadow Rue, size 2, on sale $69.95
I try this dress on and it goes on sale the next week! As I mentioned before, I'm wary of a dropwaist, but this one was a surprise as well!  I think it's because the skirt is pretty short, which provides the illusion of long legs.  The orange polka dots on the gray backdrop are super fun.  I think this fits TTS as well.  The only thing (again!) is that it's made of polyester.  I do not go to a high end store to get non-natural fabrics Anthro.  That's what Forever 21 is for.  If you want to go for it, it does have some great detailing and is a fun little dress.

Any of these catch your eye in store?  Have opinions?  Other items you want to see?  Share in the comments!

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OOTD: Of Bodycon and Chambray

I have to say, I never really thought of wearing my bodycon skirt as part of a casual outfit until Pinterest.  And now I really can't get enough!  This skirt is just such a great way to showcase a figure flattering, looser top.  The original plan was to wear neutral booties with this outfit, but it rained.  I can't say I was too disappointed to wear my Burberry rain boots though!

Fitting Room 

Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted from Crossroads (similar Alice + Olivia here, White House Black Market here)
Button Down: Target Chambray Shirt (similar at Nordstrom here, Quiksilver here)
Skirt: H&M (similar Forever 21 here, Bebe here)
Boots: Burberry House Check Rain Boots (buy here)
Necklace: Francesca's Collections (similar Nordstrom here)
Watch: Birthday Gift (similar Zappos here, Timex here)

  Fitting Room Fitting Room 

So, bad news first - I obviously took these with my inferiortoDSLR iPhone camera.  But the good news?  Anthro fitting room reviews on the way!   I knew you'd understand ;).

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Hawaii in Pictures - Part 2

Hey there gang.  I know it's been a while since I last posted!  Once we moved from Waikiki to Ko Olina in Hawaii, I pretty much was denied an internet connection, which killed all hope of posting while there.  Then a bunch of personal stuff came up right when I came back so...here we are a few weeks later.

In any case, I have a ton more Hawaii pictures to share with you, so here ya go!

Rented a scooter while I was there, since all my friends had cars.  Vespas are just the cutest things!  It was a little expensive, but so worth it. 

Taken on a random beach while exploring with my scooter.  This wasn't too far away from Diamond Peak.

Met up with my friends at Big City Diner.  Got some tasty potatoes and eggs along with macadamia nut pancakes below.  Mmm.
My friend's hotel - Sheraton Waikiki's Infinity ppol.  If you look really hard, you'll see where the pool ends and the ocean begins!

We were told by our Hawaiian native friends who moved to the mainland that the best poke (Marinated raw fish) was in grocery stores.  So we headed over to a Foodland to get some!  $7 for a poke bowl?  Shoot, I pay more than that at a sushi restaurant for way less!  Highly recommend if you like sushi.  So delicious!

Hanauma Bay - A preserve with coral and fish.  I've actually seen better snorkeling elsewhere, but I'm guessing that the nonstop rain (so depressing) and cold kicked up the bottom of the bay and scared away the fish.  Still a fun time!

Ugh, driving 40 mph on a scooter in the rain? Soooo cold.  Makes for a funny store though!  I returned the scooter after the Hanauma Bay trip -- and was super sad to let it go.

The chocolate cake at Duke's Waikiki.  We had it twice.  It was super nice.

More to come!  Like I mentioned, it was terribly rainy the whole time, which made it difficult to do everything we wanted to do (/cough like surfing.  we tried literally 3 times to no avail).   But I did get to see all my close friends who are dispersed around the country -- and NO ONE can rain on THAT parade.   

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Hawaii in Pictures, Day 1

Hey there!  If you didn't read my post from two days ago, I am currently in Waikiki, HI for a friend's wedding.  These will have to be quick posts, but I definitely want toshare my journey with you while I'm here if you can!  For more up to date information follow me on Twitter (@tolookforstyle).

We traveled today, so I'm wearing my traveling clothes all day.  It was such a great time! 

 Me and my first meal - mmm Moco Loco at Rainbow Drive-In.

View from the hotel room at Hilton Hawaiian Village

The hotel has a bunch of amazing animals around its campus! Flamingos, turtles and penguins, oh my! 

We managed to catch an amazing happy hour.  This is a Li Hing margarita.  A bit tart, and kinda too sweet towards the end, but definitely a quality drink (if you know what I mean ;)) 

A Blue Hawaiian and a bunch of Skinny Coco's at the same happy hour. 

 Random cool elevator on our walk to WalMart.  (Yes, WalMart -- we needed provisions!)

And finally, a quick view of my kinda boring travel outfit: 

Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory
Leggings: Macy's
Shoes: Havaiana Slims

  OOTD: Travelling OOTD: Travelling OOTD: Travelling

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Dreaming of Hawaii

Happy Weekend folks!  Today I embark on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate a friend's wedding.  With the weather in the Bay Area being fairly temperate, I'm not DYING for warmer weather, but it will be a great change of pace to hang out on the beach!

Since I've had vacation packing on the brain, I figured I'd share some of the outfits that I'm planning to wear this week:

Surfing by thessachan featuring a top bikini

I'll be taking surfing lessons for the second time in 4 years or so.  The last time I did it, it was sooo fun, so I'm pretty excited.  I love the boy inspired beach look with just a bit of bikini top peeking out.  It's so masculine-feminine, beach style.

I'm planning on renting a scooter for a few days to wander the island by myself.  My BF isn't able to come due to work and financial commitments and I'm super bummed.  But doesn't a solo trip around a tropical island with my DSLR sound so adventure-y?  

Wedding Outfit

Finally, what I'm planning to wear to the wedding!  The colors are hot pink and teal and I figured this color was close enough.  I'm one of the secondary sponsors, so I wanted to make sure I was in line with the theme.  I went with wedge heels because it's a island wedding, so you don't want stilettos digging into the sand!  

What do you like to bring on vacation?  Share in the comments!  Thanks for stopping by!