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Hawaii in Pictures - Part 2

Hey there gang.  I know it's been a while since I last posted!  Once we moved from Waikiki to Ko Olina in Hawaii, I pretty much was denied an internet connection, which killed all hope of posting while there.  Then a bunch of personal stuff came up right when I came back so...here we are a few weeks later.

In any case, I have a ton more Hawaii pictures to share with you, so here ya go!

Rented a scooter while I was there, since all my friends had cars.  Vespas are just the cutest things!  It was a little expensive, but so worth it. 

Taken on a random beach while exploring with my scooter.  This wasn't too far away from Diamond Peak.

Met up with my friends at Big City Diner.  Got some tasty potatoes and eggs along with macadamia nut pancakes below.  Mmm.
My friend's hotel - Sheraton Waikiki's Infinity ppol.  If you look really hard, you'll see where the pool ends and the ocean begins!

We were told by our Hawaiian native friends who moved to the mainland that the best poke (Marinated raw fish) was in grocery stores.  So we headed over to a Foodland to get some!  $7 for a poke bowl?  Shoot, I pay more than that at a sushi restaurant for way less!  Highly recommend if you like sushi.  So delicious!

Hanauma Bay - A preserve with coral and fish.  I've actually seen better snorkeling elsewhere, but I'm guessing that the nonstop rain (so depressing) and cold kicked up the bottom of the bay and scared away the fish.  Still a fun time!

Ugh, driving 40 mph on a scooter in the rain? Soooo cold.  Makes for a funny store though!  I returned the scooter after the Hanauma Bay trip -- and was super sad to let it go.

The chocolate cake at Duke's Waikiki.  We had it twice.  It was super nice.

More to come!  Like I mentioned, it was terribly rainy the whole time, which made it difficult to do everything we wanted to do (/cough like surfing.  we tried literally 3 times to no avail).   But I did get to see all my close friends who are dispersed around the country -- and NO ONE can rain on THAT parade.   

Thanks for stopping by!

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