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OOTD: Just Chilling

Just Chilling 

Outfit Details
Top: J Crew Vintage Cotton Tee
Bottoms: Flying Monkey Jeans (cut into shorts)
Shoes: Keds Champion Laceless Sneakers
Sunglasses: Vintage Rayban
Purse: Hobo International 
Just ChillingJust ChillingJust ChillingJust Chilling

Fourth of July Weekend (long time ago, I know), was an amazing exercise in lazing about and kicking back.  Our roommates were out of town and we spent half the weekend wandering around downtown San Jose and looking for fun places to sit, relax and/or eat.

These pictures were taken in between two tall buildings, where some smart person had the foresight to put marble seating areas under a small mass of trees.  With it being so hot, lying on the marble benches was just so refreshing, we laid there for an hour and a half!

I also just want to say that Keds are the bomb diggity.  I haven't worn them in years, but when I found these on sale at Madewell a month or so ago, I couldn't resist!  They're just so comfy and amazingly cute.  

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OOTD: Ankle Jeans for Shorties

OOTD:Ankle Jeans for Shorties 

Outfit Details
Top: StyleMint Bleeker (buy here)
Bottoms: AG Stevie Crops
Shoes: Seychelles Get Outta Town Flats
Scarf: Anthropologie

 OOTD:Ankle Jeans for ShortiesOOTD:Ankle Jeans for Shorties OOTD:Ankle Jeans for ShortiesIMGP9341

I totally dig the ankle jean trend.  I mean, how sexy cool is seeing a little bit of ankle between the hem of skinny jeans and the top of a high heeled shoe?  Too bad my height makes it so that your typical ankle jeans are NORMAL jeans for me.  Which is great.  But not when I want to be sexy cool.

Until I found skinny crops.  And now I can join the club of the of sexy cool ladies everywhere!  Now, who's going to tell me the secret password?

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