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OOTD: Ankle Jeans for Shorties

OOTD:Ankle Jeans for Shorties 

Outfit Details
Top: StyleMint Bleeker (buy here)
Bottoms: AG Stevie Crops
Shoes: Seychelles Get Outta Town Flats
Scarf: Anthropologie

 OOTD:Ankle Jeans for ShortiesOOTD:Ankle Jeans for Shorties OOTD:Ankle Jeans for ShortiesIMGP9341

I totally dig the ankle jean trend.  I mean, how sexy cool is seeing a little bit of ankle between the hem of skinny jeans and the top of a high heeled shoe?  Too bad my height makes it so that your typical ankle jeans are NORMAL jeans for me.  Which is great.  But not when I want to be sexy cool.

Until I found skinny crops.  And now I can join the club of the of sexy cool ladies everywhere!  Now, who's going to tell me the secret password?

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