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OOTD: Decompression Day

OOTD: Decompress

Outfit Details
Top: StyleMint Sunset
Bottoms: StyleMint Rosa Shorts
Shoes: Target
Scarf: J Crew Silk Driving Scarf

OOTD: DecompressOOTD: Decompress 

I specifically remember this as a decompression day.  One of those sorta, but not really lazy Sundays where I could wear whatever I want and not worry about being too casual, too exposed, too...calculated.  When no one's going to judge you for throwing on shorts with an elastic waistband, a neutral henley and loafers that have been so broken in, you're afraid they're going to split open at the seams.   

Because sometimes it's nice not to think too hard about things.  Thanks for stopping by!

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