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This Week on Instagram

This week was a super fun one!  My friend and I went to wine country to pick up our club shipments (Me at Bella Wine Caves and her at J Vineyards).  I forgot how awesome that area is in October.  It's like having a Midwest fall that I can visit.  J has amazing Pinots and Champagne and Bella has some solid zinfandels.  Nothing like a crisp fall day and hours of wine tasting.

Then the BF and I went to a 49ers vs. Seahawks game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.  This is one of the last years the team is playing up there, so we're definitely taking advantage of it.  It was a super good time, but I have to say -- I have a super hard time following the game without the cameras and the yellow line telling me where the 10 yard point is!  And man, is entering and exiting the park a clustereff!  We waited an hour after the game ended and STILL took another 90 minutes to exit the park.  You could totally tailgate post game if you wanted to.   Definitely taking advantage of prepaid parking next time.  And there definitely will be a next time because we have tickets to see them play the Bears!  Gotta root for them b/c I'm from Chicago.  Sorry Niners!

Did you have a good week?  What did you do?  Share in the comments!

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  1. Hi! New reader here. I found your blog while searching for ways to style this new to me ( consigned) buffalo check tunic. We have some style similarities and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Hi there and welcome! I bought my buffalo check shirt from J Crew many moons ago and still have it in my regular rotation, so I"m sure you'll get tons of wear out of it. Bonus points for you for consigning it!