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OOTD: PJs = Normal Clothing?

Apparently the new "weird" trend of the season (yes, I realize that I'm calling it weird now and that I may regret it in the event I eventually cave -- quiet you!)  is to wear grandpa pajamas as normal clothing.  I'm not talking about some college student stumbling around campus in sweats and a T-shirt.  Celeb sightings actually have dolled up chicks looking like they rolled out of bed, steamed their "nice" pajamas, did their makeup and hair and rolled out on the town.  Case in point:

I don't know if I can get behind a 2-piece pajama set as outerwear, but I sure as heck don't have any problems wearing a chemise as a dress!  Especially if it's one of the ones that Anthro tends to put out because well, lets face it, the materials are sturdy and the patterns are pretty!

I wore this out to San Francisco this past weekend.  It's a good thing I layered something light under all my "cold" gear because unlike the normal freezing fog that blankets the city, the day was ridiculously hot!  Thank goodness for nice, breathable fabrics. 

WDTBD: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts 
Outfit Details
Dress: Drawing Dots Chemise
Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory
Shoes: Anthropologie Diamond Stitch Skimmers
Scarf: J Crew Silk Driving Scarf
Sunglasses: Maui Jim
Bag: Orla Kiely

WDTBD: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts
WDTBD: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts
WDTBD: San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts 

These were all taken at the Palace of Fine Arts.  It's a very pretty place even if you don't go inside -- with a large pond, cool architecture and plenty of grass to sit on and people watch.  And so many people taking pictures!  We saw a model shoot, a wedding shoot and some random other shoots going on simultaneously.  It's a picturesque place indeed.  Hopefully I'll get to showing you some of the other shots we took on this day, but I at least wanted to get an outfit out. 
Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. What?? Pajamas?? Maybe I'd rock the shirt, but both?? Yes I agree it's "weird." Then again I though 3/4 sleeves was weird.