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One Shot Review: Pointelle Variations Sweaterdress

So I've been spending all week at a conference with no camera but my phone :(. Sounds like a good opportunity to play with the blogger iPhone app!

This is a review for the Pointelle Variations Sweaterdress by Sparrow. It runs at $178 and I'm wearing a small.

Sweaterdresses look super cozy but are hit or miss for me. Unfortunately, this one is a miss. It was scratchy (can't STAND that) and the side view gives me a tummy pooch I don't appreciate. And geez, the price is too rich for me. On the positives, it's a good length and the weave pattern is pretty interesting. Give it a try on if youre interested. I sized up a touch, so consider that when picking a size. This will be a pass for me.

What do you think? Blogging on the
phone for the win or fail?


  1. it is kinda cute with your light-coloured booties! Now what about lady mustard dress in the background?

  2. Haha, oh I'll get to it, do you worry!