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OOTD: Multi-colored

Sometimes when I need to look extra professional, I go for a more streamlined look than the twee, eclectic one I tend to rock on a regular basis.  This outfit definitely fits the bill with the khaki pinstriped pants, classic pumps and close fit sweater.  What makes it more towards my style however, is the almost random mix of colors.  I'm loving the bold purple, green and orange in this outfit.  What about you?

OOTD: Multi-colored 
Outfit Details
Top: Thrifted Sisley
Cami: American Eagle
Pants: The Limited
Shoes: J Crew Mona Pumps via eBay
Scarf: Present from Italy from Friend <3
Sunglasses: Dry Goods
OOTD: Multi-colored OOTD: Multi-coloredOOTD: Multi-colored 

I got these pumps off of eBay and I sure as heck don't regret it.  This Italian leather business ain't no joke, and the tangerine color is right on trend.  And I don't even care that there are black sharpie lines through the J Crew brand name on the insole!  Whatevs. 

Thanks for stopping by!  

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