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OOTD: Falling

Fall has to be my favorite season.  Yes, I realize that it's probably every blogger's favorite season, but I love the muted jewel tones, the layering and all the fun blazer/sweater/jacket options that come with it.   I mean, I've been DYING to have a blazer with elbow pads on it foreeeeever.  And then I found one at Crossroads.  AND the elbow pads are suede and soft and ah-mazing.  So I just paired it with the 2 most unlikely colors ever.  And I kind of like it.

Please excuse the hair.

OOTD: Falling 
Outfit Details
Top: H&M
Bottoms: J Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt
Blazer: Thrifted H&M via Crossroads
Shoes: DV via Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Vintage

 OOTD: FallingOOTD: FallingOOTD: Falling 

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