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OOTD: Productive

Last week BF and I decided to have a productive Sunday morning by heading out to a local coffee shop and getting some work done.  He prepared for his work week and I worked on the blog and caught up on the September issues of fashion mags.  Because seriously, September is THE BEST month for magazines -- the InStyle this month is 604 pages!  I'm STILL going through it.

Anyway I wanted something comfy, but a little sassy, so I went with this romper.  I used to be against rompers, but this one was so cute on the rack that I just had to take it home.   I love this outfit because it's comfy but looks totally put together.

OOTD: Productivity 

Outfit Details
Romper: Twelfth Street Cyntha Vincent via Nordstrom Rack
Cardigan: J Crew Lightweight Cardi
Shoes: Anthropologie
Hat: J Crew
Scarf: Clothing swap
Sunglasses: Cotton On

 OOTD: ProductivityOOTD: ProductivityOOTD: ProductivityOOTD: Productivity 

If you're ever looking for inexpensive, fun sunglasses, I love the options they have at Cotton On!  They don't have the polka dots in stock anymore on the website, but you can find a similar style here. I can't buy expensive sunglasses anymore because I ALWAYS lose them, so these were a great alternative.  

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!  

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