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OOTD: Backyardigans

OOTD: Backyardigan 
Outfit Details
Top: Style Mint Lennox Tee
Bottoms: AG Stevie Ankle Cords
Shoes: All Black
Scarf: Anthropologie
Sunglasses: Stunners
OOTD: BackyardiganOOTD: BackyardiganOOTD: Backyardigan

One of the things I miss about living at home with my parents is the presence of a backyard.  While I may not be sliding through a Crocodile Mile or practicing my soccer skills, I could certainly take advantage of one with a good bock and a glass of wine.  Luckily, the BF's sister has a house nearby, so I can vicariously live her priviledged backyard owning life.   I also use her to vicariously have kids, be married and write a food blog.

The title of this blog is also homage to one of my favorite children's cartoons I found as an adult - the Backyardigans.  And after watching it with my god child a few years ago, I totally don't watch it on my own.  Really.

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