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[Fashion OOTD] On the Blogging Bandwagon

A Midday Walk

Outfit Details
Sweater: StyleMint Hoffman Sweater (similar and on sale! here)
Skirt: Not sure, have had this way too long (similar here)
Leggings: Uniqlo (buy Navy version here)
Boots: Anthropologie Winding Ruffle Boots (Fun black option here, brown option here)
Necklace: Madewell (buy here)
Bag: MyOMy My Paper Bag (It's fair trade! Buy here)

A Midday WalkA Midday WalkA Midday Walk

The fiance and I took a 4 mile walk this past weekend and, upon finding this industrial garage, had a sudden inspiration.  Why don't I take a picture in front of it?!  It's the perfect ne'er may care backdrop to my fashionable outfit.  Just kidding.  I was just biting off every fashion blogger that I've ever followed or not.  But the thing is -- these closed garages really are pretty awesome backdrops.  So I'm going to go with this being a creative decision.  Yes...

I love that this outfit is super cozy, yet integrates a variety of textures and patterns.  The nubby sweater, the polka dotted leggings, the ruffled boots -- they all work!  Keeping within the same color palette really helps if you want to try it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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