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[Fashion] Uniqlo Quick Picks

Hey there!  I'm heading out to Westfield Valley Fair Uniqlo pre-Opening Party in 1.5 hours and I'm suuuuuuuper excited!  That's right San Francisco, with a Uniqlo in my back yard, I no longer have to drive/train an hour just to get my Japanese basics fix.  I don't NEED you anymore!  (JustkiddingIstillloveyouyouhipstersonofa)

I thought I'd share some quick picks that I plan on checking out while I'm there.  Uniqlo is like the Gap of Japan -- tons of great basics, designer collaborations and petite friendly sizes!  I first came across the store in 2005 while studying abroad in Japan, and it's ONLY taken 7 years for it to come to the US (first NYC, too far; then SF, closer, but still too far).  But I'm so glad!  I love their selection of tights and socks.  There's a whole wall!

I'll be back with a full report later.  For those who are interested, the official San Jose Westfield Valley Fair opening of Uniqlo is tomorrow when the mall opens!  For those not local, never fear -- there's an online site.  And you can start shopping by clicking some of the links below!

Anything you're eyeing?  Thanks for stopping by! 

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