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Uniqlo Store Openings: Valley Fair, CA and Atlantic Terminal NY

Uniqlo Opening As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am super excited about the Uniqlo store that opened at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA this past Friday!  There's one opening in the Atlantic Terminal Mall in NY this weekend too, so we're covered on either coast.

There are a ton of promotions going on this weekend, so I highly recommend you check it out.  The first 300 customers each day receive a limited edition Uniqlo tote and the first 1000 get a free HeatTech product if they spend over $50. HeatTech products are amazing -- they wick away moisture and feel soft against the skin!

If that doesn't drum up enough excitement, here's the inside scoop on the Valley Fair Mall location.

Uniqlo Opening 

It may be because I don't have kids yet, but I love kids sections in clothing stores.  They have miniature versions of big people clothes and it's just so cute I could scream!  Check out the Ultra Light Jackets and the Fleece shown above.

Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo Opening
Starting from the top left: Men's Fleece 14.90/Top Right: Womens Ultra Light Down Jackets 49.90/Middle Left: Leggings Pants (these are amazing and have back pockets!) $14.90/ Middle Right: More Leggings Pants on mannequins/Bottom: Mens Socks (so. many. colors.)

They also had amazing deals on cashmere sweaters at 49.90, Flannel shirts at 19.90 and basic Cotton Teels for 7.90.

Online prices will vary. Prices are mostly in store only, so get going! 

The Thursday night event itself was super posh!  Customer service was stellar and the food and drink were incredibly delicious.
Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo Opening Uniqlo OpeningUniqlo Opening 
Pictures Starting from the Top: Wine spread for the event/Row 2, Left: Chestnut and Potato Croquettes/Row2, Right: Some sort of sashimi (mmmm)/Row 3: My fiance and friend (people kept singing that one annoying fox song all night bc of my sweater)/Row 4: Pic with bloggers Kelsey and Deanna

All in all, an amazing night!  I  came away with an Ultra Light Down jacket (I travel so much and it fits in a pouch. A POUCH), a pair of Leggings Pants and some HeatTech products in preparation for snowboarding season! 

Only a day and a half left of opening weekend promotions, but Uniqlo brick and mortar are here to stay!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thessa, I have that same fox sweater! Nordstroms, yes? OMG, we rock :)

    1. Yup! Annual Anniversary sale baby! (What does fox say?)

      Also -- why does your name show up as Greg? That's hilarious!