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Polyvore Meetup San Jose: Crepevine

Polyvore Meetup San Jose: Crepevine

Petite dress

Knee socks

Steve madden booties

Madewell leather purse

Ray-ban glasses

Friends, I've recently taken a giant step forward and joined the San Jose Polyvore Meetup group.  Now, I know it's super scary to show up in a place to meet a bunch of people that you don't know, but sometimes when you have a strong interest in something (ahem, fashion and blogging), it's worth it to reach out and find people with the same level of interest. Because I've met some awesome people so far!

On the fashion side, I freaking love this dress.  It's girly, pixelated and easy.  Speaks to the techie, nerd and style craving sides of me.  And really, how often does that happen?  I also really dig knee high socks in a fun color with an unexpected shoe like this combat inspired boot.  Easy to walk around in and adds some interest.  Throw in a hold everything bag and some shades and you're good to go!

So now that you know how to dress, all that's left is showing up!  If you're interested in joining us, check out the Polyvore Meetup page, or e-mail me at tolookforstyleblog@gmail.com.

And if you're not in the Bay Area, never fear! There are tons of other Polyvore Meetups to check out and you can even start your own!

Hope to see you there! Thanks for stopping by :).  


  1. Thanks for telling me about this on Instagram! I think I'll be able to attend this Sunday.