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SF Fashion Week 2013 Recap: Emerging Designers Showcase

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending a few days of San Francisco Fashion Week.  It was an awesome week of fashion, technology and fun!  The Bay Area is such a hot bed of tech, that it's only natural that this would be where fashion and tech meet.  It's such an exciting and emerging area.

Speaking of emerging, I went to the Emerging Designer's showcase and was blown away by all the fashion.  It was held in the amazing Folsom Street Foundry, a beautiful venue that looks like a warehouse.  The vibe was great -- as were the drinks and the runway show.  And lucky for you, I got some video!

Let's look at the women's fashion first:

I love these colors so much!  Anubha Srivastav had a color-filled take on tailored clothing and neat whimsical details.  I particularly fell in love with all the buttons on the jackets!  I could easily see taking many of the pieces and making them pop by pairing them with a neutral outfit.  They would totally work in the office! Sorry for missing all the shoes in this line-up, it was the first one and I was still getting my bearings :).

How perfect now that I have weddings on the brain!  Trixie Zarate brought some fantastic evening wear to the table with some serious sleek and elegant silhouettes with interesting details and touches.  That yellow dress was Oscar-worthy in my mind!

Speaking of color-pop -- Leela Dhanya Gutta really brings eye-catching style to the night scene.  Neon is totally of the moment and the she really picked some trendy styles and shapes.  A little something for everyone -- a little peplum, a little form fitting and some flowly pieces -- yet they were all a very cohesive collection.  Those sunglasses were a great touch!  I was really impressed and wouldn't be opposed to sneaking some of her clothing into my closet for fancy occasions.  *hinthint winkwink*

Last but certainly not least, Sam Shan brought some intense drama to the runway.  The brocade, dark colors and sleek silhouettes are a nod to goth and punk.  And the gloves!  The quilting! The strategic placement of gold and white!  It was amazing.

All in all, I was incredibly impressed with the talent at this show.  What is your favorite designer or look?  Did you go SFFW?  Share in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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