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[Fashion/Nerd] Fashion Tips from Not-Real Chicks: Aladdin's Princess Jasmine and Skinny Sweats

Our favorite Arabian Disney princess knew how to rock some royal garb in comfort and style! No oxygen depriving corseted dresses or skirts that force you to mind the open-ness of your legs while sitting. Just some billowy pants offset by a sexy crop top. What better way to emulate chic comfort than with a pair of skinny sweatpants? No need to stick to the light blue and gold color palette (though if that floats your boat, then go for it!) – there are tons of different variations to try. Case in point?
Skinny Sweats

We like the idea of pairing these with a silky pajama top and a sick pair of pumps. Throw a leather jacket over that and you’ll mean some serious business. How would you rock the skinny sweatpant? Voice your ideas in the comments!

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  1. I like the grey sweats with the zippers. I'll probably rock mine with high top sneakers or combat boots.


    1. Combat boots sound awesome! Thanks for the tip :).