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Hanes Day 3: Classic Spin + Bonus Outfit

Thank goodness for free public WiFi in airports.  With the bar overflowing and a bottle of iced tea costing $4, SOMETHING has to be free around here.  And now I get to do a little bloggity blog before I boardity board.

As I was driving around my rental car, which by the way was a GIANT FREAKING SUV that made it difficult to see my blind spots to the right with the side mirrors in the way, I got to experience XM Radio.  This is not a new thing by any means because most rentals have this on them and I do travel a fair bit.  Considering that they crap out when you come within a 10 ft radius of a parking garage, I wouldn't recommend it for every day use.  That said, I DID find the 2K Pop hits radio station.  What does that mean?  I can relive my college days all over again AND feel old because there's a station dedicated to hit songs that came out between 2001-2010.   I wanted to protest putting a decade behind us and bringing it back no less than a year after we left it, but then I heard this song.  And I was sedated by the bubble gum pop of my youth and could protest no more. 

This is Day 3 of the unofficial Hanes T-Shirt challenge.  I say unofficial because i decided to do it as I was writing the first post featuring one of the T-shirts in this pack.  I did, however, alter this shirt as well.  I cut a nice little V into the collar.  This really meant no more than folding the dang thing in half, lining up the seams and cutting diagonally from some point in the middle of the shirt diagonally (/cough.  just thought about Harry Potter.  Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming) using a piece of paper as a guide.  When my roommate asked what would happen if I messed up, I said that it was a $1 loss if I fail and stopcurbingmycreativespiritdangyou thank you very much.

Oh wow, how did I invoke the spirit of the (still living) Chloe of the chloe conspiracy?  Excuse me, I'm better now.  

Hanes Day 3: Classic Spin 
Outfit Details
Button Down: J Crew Buffalo Check Boy Tee
Shirt: Hanes Crew Neck Tee (altered)
Skirt: Anthropologie Spitalfields Skirt
Shoes: Tory Burch
Sunglasses: Maui Jim
Belt: Forever 21
Hanes Day 3: Classic Spin
Hanes Day 3: Classic Spin

As promised, here are a few remixes of the Buffalo Check Boy Shirt:

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