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Hanes Day 4: Late to the (culotte) Party

I picked up these culottes from Anthro while I was in San Diego when I had nothing better to do but wander the malls in the area.  They were on 3rd or 4th cut and had the most amazing pear pattern on them, which is what prompted me to try them on.  I never really liked the way other culottes looked on me -- I think it was the weird length in conjunction with the general flowiness of the legs.  But as I stared at them in the mirror I had a realization.  They're JUST like a mini skirt!  With legs!  So you don't have to deal with the awkward rubyourlegstogetherwhenitshotandsweatyout syndrome.  Well, just turn the paradigm on its head and I guess I'm sold, because I took them home.

Since it was my last day and I decided to go to a steakhouse (plus I just picked up the Urban Decay eyeshadow ammo box), I decided a smoky purple eye was the way to go.  Throw on a contrast scarf over the Hanes T-shirt and we're good to go.

Hanes Day 4: Late to the Party 
Outfit Details
Top: Hanes Crew Neck Tee
Shorts: Anthropologie
Shoes: Target Missoni Pearce Pumps
Scarf: via Clothing Swap
Sunglasses: Maui Jim
Bracelets: via Philippines

Hanes Day 4: Late to the Party 

Sorry for the distinct lack of pictures, but my camera ran out of batteries and I stupidly forgot the battery charger.  I made up for it with a hair whipping shot.  You'll just have to make do.  
And since I just got the shorts and you'll get a Hanes T-shirt recap later this week, here's some of the remix shots including the Mossimo Pearce pumps: 

Hmm. Apparently I got a tan, because my legs don't match the tone of the shoes for this week's shoot compared to my remix shoots.  Ah, summer.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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