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Days 11-12: Hustle Bustle

I suppose I spoke too soon when I said I was caught up.  You see, this past weekend was the wedding of one of my oldest, oldest friends (19 years? Eeks!).  I was a bridesmaid, and naturally got swept up in the before, during and after parties and prep.  So here I am, yet again, fighting to get back up to speed.

Day 11: Mani Pedis -- My mom and I went through the pre-wedding beauty rituals (tortures?!) this day.  I got my eyebrows threaded, which always makes me tear up, and we got manicures and pedicures.  I also am debuting this amazing J Crew silk driving scarf -- I love the retro orangey ness of it! My cats seem to want to sneak into these days' pictures.  This one is Bastet, and she normally doesn't look that evil. 

Day 11: Mani Pedis 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Light As Air Pullover
Bottoms: AG Angelina Petite Bootcut
Shoes: Anthropologie Spectator Espadrilles
Scarf: J Crew Silk Driving Scarf
Day 11: Mani Pedis
Day 11: Mani Pedis

Day 12: Dress it Up - This was wedding rehearsal day and I wore this to the chapel and a local Mexican restaurant.  It was pretty hilarious because the next day a bunch of us got sick a la the movie Bridesmaids.  Uncomfortable yes, but generally a fun thing (yes, I'm sadistic) to look a back on.  You can see Robin in the corner of some of these pictures sniffing shoes.


Outfit Details
Dress: Trina Turk
Shoes: Seychelles Pinup Pumps
Necklace: Key West, FL
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite Belt
Bracelet: Philippines


Man, 30 for 30 is a lot harder when it's warm out.  I totally relied on layering the first time around and it's not working as well now.  I'll have a couple more days worth soon.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Loving the blue dress in you with the belt and especially the shoes!

  2. Thanks! Nothing like a pop of color, right? :D