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OOTD: Balance that Check

Can I just say that I hate traffic?  Especially traffic that is consistent with your daily commute?  To me it just seems like an enormous waste of time to sit in your car alone driving at 10mph with the other 2000 people on the road in cars alone.  And it's not like you can multitask either -- at best, you can listen to NPR or books on tape, but even those get inane and boring.  I'm all about time efficiency, and traffic is definitely an enemy of the efficient.  Generally, I take the train to work, but I had an appointment that required me to leave directly from work to a location inconvenient to public transportation.  During rush hour.  Hence my grumpiness.  Hmph.  What about you?  Do you have to deal with traffic in your daily commute?  Commiserate with me!

OOTD: Balance that Check
Outfit Details
Top: J Crew Silk Henley
Blazer: Anthropologie Checks and Balances Blazer
Bottoms: Gap 1969 Jeans
Boots: Anthropologie Bucolic Fields Boots
Scarf: Macys via Xmas Gift
  OOTD: Balance that CheckOOTD: Balance that CheckOOTD: Balance that CheckOOTD: Balance that Check 

I love that this blazer is called Checks and Balances blazer.  Why?  I don't know.  It just tickles my funny bone.  

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  1. Yep, traffic sucks! I am very lucky to live close to my office. It takes me about 10 minutes with no traffic. With rush hour traffic, about 30 minutes. I always have NPR on (although it can get very annoying at times).

    Love that purple scarf!

  2. I used to have that commute -- not any more! Very jealous of you. :)

  3. Traffic definitely sucks. I used to commute an hour+ each way but left that job - now my job is only about 25-40 minutes each way (depending on the day). Much better!

    I'm a fan of audiobooks while driving. Makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time - and depending on the book, I actually like the longer commute time!

  4. Oh man, LA traffic is the worst. An hour+ is terrible! Glad you shortened it to something manageable!

    I agree that audiobooks are the way to go. I just wish I had more options. I blog on the train almost every day! <3 it.