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OOTD: Paparazzi + Halloween Weekend

This post is brought to you by get outta my face paparazzi!  my loving BF taking pictures of me in public while I'm pretending to walk.

OOTD: On the Beach 
Outfit Details
Dress: Boutique in Chinatown
Cardigan: B.P via Nordstrom
Shoes: Modcloth Patently Polished Heel
Scarf: J Crew Silk Driving Scarf
Sunglasses: Maui Jim
OOTD: On the BeachOOTD: On the BeachOOTD: On the Beach

This past weekend was a fun filled, hectic one spent in Los Angeles with some friends.  The schedule was something like this:
  • Friday 11pm: Pick up BF from football game, commence drive
  • Saturday 4am: Arrive at friend's house in LA
  • Saturday 12pm: Eat at Urth Cafe (ehhhh? Entourage fans anyone?) 
  • Saturday 1:30pm: Go to Santa Monica Beach/Promenade.  Shop
  • Saturday 3:30pm: Nap on Santa Monica Beach
  • Saturday 5:30pm: Eat at Father's Office (mmm..sweet potato fries) 
  • Saturday 7pm: Power nap, fix PACMAN costumes
  • Saturday 9pm: Go to Halloween party
  • Sunday 2am: Partied out, go to sleep
  • Sunday 10am: Go to LA Amazing Race.  Boys vs. Girls! 
  • Sunday 2:30pm: Amazing Race complete.  Girls rule, boys drool! Yay for free beer!
  • Sunday 4pm: Eat Korean BBQ
  • Sunday 6:30pm: Drive home
  • Monday 12:30am: Get home, sleep x.x
 We did get some power naps in, but man, I'm tired just looking at the schedule. So now we just go to pictures!

Mmm...short ribs.

Halloween Weekend 
BF just chilling and trying to be cool

Halloween Weekend 
Longest walk to the beach ever.

Halloween Weekend
Halloween Weekend 

Halloween Weekend 

Halloween Weekend 
We all dressed as PACMAN ghosts and built a PACMAN out of cardboard, glue, paper and felt. We obviously didn't do our homework because PACMAN only chomps on navy blue ghosts with squiggle mouths!

Halloween Weekend
Halloween Weekend 
Look at the fun costumes!

Halloween Weekend 
Our friends as two of the breakdancing crew Jabbawockeez.

 Halloween Weekend 
Girls won the Amazing Race!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Hope you enjoyed the recap!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. hahaha I totally photobombed that picture. Me + alcohol + being a Dr. Seuss character apparently means I think pranking = photobombing.

    I'm glad you guys came down! That was a busy weekend - I can't believe you guys managed to do the Amazing Race after the party.

  2. Well you gotta keep the pranks PG if you're a Dr. Seuss character, so you're right on target!

    It was really a fun weekend -- a good pace so I wasn't TOO tired. The party was awesome! You and Gary should really do the Amazing race. It was soooo fun.

  3. Isn't no wonder your tired, that was a busy weekend! Glad you all had fun. LOVE the pacman & ghost costumes :)

  4. It was totally worth it though! Hope you had a great Halloween yourself ;).