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OOTD: Fall Foliage

One of the simple joys for me is to camp out at a local coffee shop (Starbucks brand name not required) with free wireless and do something productive.  Whether its reading a book, doing homework or working on a blog post, there's something about being in the middle of a bustling place that is inspiring.  It also reminds me of my college days, where there was no set routine and every day something new happened or there was something new to meet.  So here I am in the fresh air, capitalizing on the last few hours of sunshine.

Today's outfit is a bit funky.  I've always been attracted to the idea of wearing something "fancy" and informalizing it by throwing in bunched up knee highs and boots.  Yes I just made up a word.

OOTD: Silk & Boots 
Outfit Details
Top: Forever 21
Dress: Anthropologie Verdant Slip Dress
Blazer: Uniqlo
Boots: Anthropologie Bucolic Fields Boots
Necklace: From Mom
Belt: J Crew Factory
Socks: American Apparel

OOTD: Silk & Boots
OOTD: Silk & BootsOOTD: Silk & Boots 

So what are one of those small things that give you a little bit of happiness?  Share in the comments while I bask in my little bit o' happy. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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