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Spending Recap: January 2012

Someone tell me why I committed to doing this again?  Fashion week has gotten me into all kinds of hankering for pretty clothes.  But I SUPPOSE cutting back on unnecessary spending and having a more discerning eye for pieces is important.   /cue disgruntled tone of voice.

Anyway, this was definitely more of a thrifty month!  Here's a recap of what I got in January:

OOTD: Slightly FadedPolka Plaid OOTD: College Flashback

Item(s): Thrifting finds - Polka dot turtleneck, J Crew purple button down, Silk Scarf, Pink Gingham Shirt, Nanette Lepore skirt, Ben Sherman Gingham shirt
Cost: $40
Original retail price:  Who knows?  Let's pretend $1000000

Why: A few of the items I've bought displayed above.  Thrifting is super fun!  Really picked up some great items on the cheap.  I guess I'm really having a gingham moment. 
Assessment: This is the way to go when I have the itch to shop.  Definitely going to keep this going.

Image from coolspotters.com

Item(s): StyleMint Fillmore shirt (sold out)

Cost: $30
Original retail price:  $30

Why: This is my cheat item.  Admittedly, I forgot to skip this month so I had to get something, but I probably would have gotten it anyway.  I've been looking for an ever-so-slightly over sized shirt and the grey/blue is super pretty. 

Assessment: I keep wearing this top, so it's definitely worth the money. Want to try the StyleMint service out?  Check it out here.

And finally, Modcloth is the bane of my existence.  I did get some Christmas money from one of my aunts though, so some of this haul is c/o her.  They had their Cabin Fever sale with some seriously cute stuff. 

Item(s): Modcloth Foliage of Innocence Dress

Cost: $16
Original retail price:  $53

Why: Pretty, pretty pattern! And the back is open so it's pretty sexy.

Assessment: This actually turned out to be a little tighter on the hips than I expected.  And the material has no give, so while I still LOVE the print, I probably would relegate this piece to wear as a "shirt" under a skirt or going out for short periods of time. 

Item(s): Modcloth Desert Winter Sandal

Cost: $15
Original retail price:  $50

Why: Sky high heels and a neat wrap strap in an amazing color.

Assessment: I actually had to put in my own holes for the straps (I have skinny ankles), but otherwise, these are super cute!  I need more comfy, high heels for my pants (I'm short) and these fit the bill.

Item(s): Modcloth Glitz Time to Shine Heel
Cost: $29
Original retail price:  $100

Why: I lost my gold sandals a few years ago at a bachelorette party and have since been missing fancy glitzy shoes.  And Pour La Victoire does glitzy so well.

Assessment: Wore this on the Ostentatious Train I talked about in an earlier post.  Comfy for stilettos and super pretty!

Item(s): Modcloth Instant En-Wrapture Dress

Cost: $20
Original retail price:  $70

Why: I'm a sucker for chambray recently.  And this was just so sweet and would pair with so many great things.

Assessment:Wearing this tomorrow, but it fits sublimely.  It's soft and a great, versatile piece.

Total Damage for January: $150 - $50 Xmas present = $100

Is it cheating that my aunt contributed to my shopping this month?  I don't think so!  Either way, this is the best I've done so far, even if you take the $150 where it is.  And if not, I totally met my goal this month!  So far, I've become more and more open to thrifting and the great treasures it can bring and I'm absolutely saving hundreds more dollars that I can put towards other things.  So thrilled!

Stay tuned for February! Is this a passing phase, or can I stick with it?

Thanks for stopping by!

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