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OOTD: Of Mice and (Wo)Men

I am a tomboy.  I used to dress in a way that a tomboy stereotypically would.  I thought that wearing stretch black flares with some funky Sketchers was a pretty fashionable way to rock.  (Ah youth...) Aeropostale was my favorite store what with their hoodies and baby T's with cute animals on them.  All pants, all the time.  Basically, I could take off running or play a soccer game or chase off a thief that tried to steal some grandma's purse at any moment.  Because you never know.

Well, I think I must have hit my pants quota some time when I turned 23, because now I can't seem to get enough of dresses and skirts!  Pants are a rare occurrence, and a pair of dress pants that hasn't seen the light of day in a VERY long time has made it in an OOTD.  And when you wear a shirt with mice on it, it calls for manly pants.  Well, they're flared, so I guess not all THAT manly.

OOTD: Of Mice and (Wo)men 
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Tarpan Button Down (similar Thomas Pink here, Equipment here)
Cardigan: Target (similar at Kohls here, Red Valentino here)
Bottoms: The Limited Exact Stretch (similar on sale here, Max Studio here)
Shoes: Anthropologie After Five Heels (similar at Endless here, here)
Belt: J Crew Factory (similar at Labour of Love here, the Limited here)
Headband: Goody (buy in purple here)

 OOTD: Of Mice and (Wo)men OOTD: Of Mice and (Wo)men 
  OOTD: Of Mice and (Wo)men 

Wow, I must have been having some wacko hair day.   totally intended for my hair to come out that way.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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