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OOTD: Winter Flower

This is a quickie I want to get out the door before Leap Day is over.  I really hate having to take pictures in the bathroom what with all the artificial yellow light, but sometimes I just can't get home before the sun goes down.

OOTD: Winter Flower 
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Parted Petals Cardigan (similar Anthro design here, here)
Dress: Anthropologie Kissing Friday Dress (similar here, here)
Boots: Anthropologie Bucolic Fields Boots (similar here, here)
Belt: J Crew Factory (similar here, here)

OOTD: Winter FlowerOOTD: Winter FlowerOOTD: Winter Flower 

I have a love/hate relationship with this cardigan.  It's just so DARN cute, but I can only wear it closed!  The center of the flower is connected to one side of the cardigan, so leaving it open just looks...weird.  

There is a summer version of this outfit.  Check it out (and click the picture to read the post): 

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