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OOTD: Flower Child

Magic hour is the best.  I took these pictures with really great light, and I feel the colors came through really well.  This outfit was actually an accidental one.  I loved the color of this dress from LOFT and was looking for a cardigan to put over it.  As my eyes scanned my closet, they rested on this cute little flower number that I haven't worn in AGES.  I wasn't sure they were going to go together, but lo and behold, I love it!

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Parted Petals Cardigan
Dress: LOFT Zip Pocket Sleeveless Dress
Belt: J Crew Factory
Shoes: Anthropologie Ylang Ylang Sandals

The adventure of the day has to do with cooking.  I have this little rubber disc with holes and little legs that you can put into a pot with some water to steam vegetables.  I bought an artichoke from the farmers market and thought that I would try to use my little disc to steam it.  I had dreams of dipping the leaves in a mayo balsamic vinegar mixture and eating them with the nice grass fed steak I bought.  Instead, I managed to boil all the water out of the bottom of the pot and melted my rubber disk into it.  My house now smells like artichokey rubber!  Now, I'm not a newb to cooking, so I feel pretty silly about it.  What sort of cooking debacles have you run into? 

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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