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OOTD: Shawty

My friends sometimes call me this when they want to be ghetto and make fun of my height.  Yesterday's outfit was suuuuper comfy, mostly due to the slouchiness of all the pieces I was wearing and the fact I was wearing sneakers.  I liked it, but the combination made me really feel my height.  I pretend that high waisted belts and heels make me look slender and tall.  I suppose the rolled up pant legs didn't help either -- breaking up the line of the leg and all that jazz. 

Sorry for the grainy pictures -- the light was really weird when I took these.

Outfit Details
Top: LOFT Dolman Sleeve Drape Top (on sale, sold out online, check stores)
Pants: 7 for all Mankind Cooper Slim Skinny Leg
Belt: Unknown
Shoes: Burberry
Necklace: Anthropologie Tied With a Ribbon Necklace

Check out the recycling on the left side of that last picture there!  These jeans are the other 7 for all Mankind jeans I picked up in Vegas last weekend.  They're boyfriend jeans, and I find the sizing to be really large.  These are a 26 and I can pretty easily take them off without unbuttoning them.  Though I suppose if you really wanted to borrow these from your boyfriend, that's how it would fit.  This shirt from LOFT is my surrogate replacement for the top at Anthro I've been longing for, but it refuses to go on sale: 
Yes, it's the Neo-Refinement pullover.  I think it makes a nice replacement, don't you?  And I didn't want to wait anymore!  
I would've made this post earlier, but I was kidnapped by some friends (i.e. they invited me to happy hour) and then we decided to play a 5 hour marathon of Left 4 Dead 2.  My eyes were totally burning by the end.  You will still get a post for this outfit.  And it may possibly a Style Challenge! (Gasp.)  I know I've been dropping the ball on those, but things have settled a bit, so I should be able to get more consistency going.  

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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