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OOTD: Regularly Scheduled Programming

How has your weekend been?  Mine has been one of recovery and work catch up, but honestly it's nice to be recovered.  I can't remember the last time I've been out of commission for a week due to illness, so  I suppose I was over due or something right?  I guess I can't shake my fist too hard at the universe from that light.  Yes, that's the angle I'm going to go with. 

A few discoveries that I made while sitting on the couch at home for the last 5 days:
  1. Hanging out with my BF is AWESOME.  Being with him is a reminder of the blessing I have every day with all the consoling hugs, picking up of food and medicine, a bouquet of flowers and catering to my needs despite my contagious disease.  
  2. For someone that loves going outside so much -- coffee shops, sports, shopping, etc. -- staying in so long is torture.  So much so that I decided to go to the mall on Saturday despite all my vertigo.  It was a slow, silent, wandering adventure where I didn't really stop to shop anywhere. 
  3. The chills suck.  Period.
  4. After a certain number of days missing work, you want to stay home because you don't want to face the pile waiting for you in the office.  
  5. There is nothing on TV during the day.  Except the new Let's Make a Deal, which is amazing.  Love Wayne Brady!
  6. Commercial anime offerings these days are much more abundant an high quality.  It's simultaneously exciting and depressing (cue inner hipster-Thessa: "I saw it first when it wasn't maintstream which means I'm cooler than you -- getoffmystuff!").  
Yay for lists!  In other news, I also go dressed today.  

Outfit Details
Blazer: Guess
Top: Anthropologie Winding Indus Tank
Pants: Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Steve Madden P-Oxfords
Necklace: Parallels

Some extra pictures to make up for the last couple days I missed.  And a silly one of me clinging to the BF's shoe. 

Happy to be back!  Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow!

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