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Fitting Room Reviews: New Set!

Hi all!  It's been eternally long since I've done a set of fitting room reviews, but with the new May arrivals and a timely trip to Anthropologie, it's the right time.  Here's the first round.

Radler Blouse, $88, Girls from Savoy, 4

I always have a hard time with the blouses that cinch in and flare out past the waist, but I figured that I’d give this one a fair shot.  It definitely reminds me of summer with it’s white/yellow/green palette and would go super cute with a nice summery skirt.  Still, just not for me, so it’s a pass.  Ladies that would like to try this, this runs TTS to a little bit small.  I didn’t try the 6, but I felt a little squashed in the 4. 

Counting Angles Dress, Plenty by Tracy Reese, $168, P

This is a dress I already reviewed a while back in the blue color way, but Anthro has this silly habit of releasing new colors pretty late in the game.  The blue pattern was actually a pass for me, but I’m really digging the red and neutral tones. This dress is two pieces – the wrap dress part and a slip of the same design and material underneath.  You could consider it 2 dresses for the price of one!  Nonetheless, the jersey is a little steep for full price, so I’d probably wait till first or second cut to pick this up. Fits TTS, but if you’re inbetween sizes, I’d recommend sizing down. 

Glass Glow Shift, Fish Fry, $178.00, 4

Oh, the price on this dress.  I love the bold colors – they remind me of some sort of tropical locale.  The fit is nice a close and gives my less than curvy body some shape.  Super curvy types may have some trouble fitting into the shape of this dress.  The material seems a little flimsy to me, so I’m not sure it would be worth it to purchase at full price or even first cut.  Maybe on 2nd cut, but even that is pushing it because I feel like I could pick up something similar at Macy’s.  It’s a pass for me, but if you’re interested, it fits TTS. 

Butterfly Net Dress, Nathalie Lete, $158, 2
Cobalt or royal blue are some of my favorite incarnations of the blue family.  This cute little sleeveless number totally caught my eye as I was wandering the store.  I like the close silhouette and the black sash is a nice touch.  I have a hard time with sleeveless dresses though – my arms are one of the areas I’m less than confident about.  Will stalk if it hits 2nd cuts.  Fits TTS to a little small.  Size down if you’re in between sizes. 

Anadyomene Cardigan, $88, Rosie Niera, S

I really liked this cardigan when it hit the Anthropologie website, and I am completely in love with it now.  It’s absolutely the right length, the right shape for my body type – and I love the details in the neckline.  I actually get warm really easily, so a shorter sleeved cardi  If anyone knows the Bay Area, layers are key because it’s really warm in the middle of the day and significantly cooler in the morning and evenings. I’m also in the market to replace a cardigan I already have in this teal color, so it’s pretty timely.  I will definitely pick this up on sale, but I may not hold out till then.  Fits TTS.

Well, that's what I have for the fitting room reviews.  The last thing I'll leave you with is the outfit I wore today.  I couldn't make it home to my camera because I had to get to a soccer game, so I got some shots of my outfit in the Anthro bathroom (Awwwwkwaaaard...).

Outfit Details
Cardigan: Anthropologie Clinging Blossoms Cardigan
Top: Anthropologie Catmint Blouse
Skirt: Anthropologie Eureka Skirt
Shoes: Nine West

See ya alls tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I'm surprisingly interested in the new red colour of the Tracy Reese dress too...hmm....

    Love the turquoise cardigan- it works very nicely with the stained glass dress actually!

    I'd forgotten about the catmint blouse (so cute, and I adore the name...) it's cute with the bright pink skirt (how crazy that it got a second cut so quickly!)

  2. You should definitely try the Tracy Reese dress on -- it's pretty comfy.

    I ended up getting the catmint blouse after seeing it on Anthroholic -- the scalloped edges are great.