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OOTD: Rain, Rain, Go Away

I know I shouldn't complain when it rains here, especially since it typically means that it's snowing in our eastern state counterparts.  But with the weekend being so beautiful this past weekend, it's like mother nature being all like "Summer's here! Oh wait -- Psyche!"  Bring on the sun!  I'm ready!

Color blocking is my "sun dance" of choice, and today is no exception.  The minute I saw this dress hit the Anthropologie website, it was on my "clothing to stalk" list.  When it sale, I snapped it up.  I knew it would go with everything in my closet, including this amazing set of green accessories I have!

Outfit Details
Dress: Anthropologie Lapis Lazuli Dress
Shoes: Seychelles Shimmy Peep Toe Pump
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Scarf: Gift from Italy (or France?)

With Easter coming up, I can't help but think of the things that I'm thankful for (not the wrong holiday, I swear -- hear me out :)).  Without getting too religious on you, there's more to Easter than eggs, bunnies, peeps and pastels.  This holiday reminds me of the sacrifices others have made to get me and my loved ones to where we are.  So, it's list time! Some things I'm thankful for in no particular order:
  1. The good heath of the ones I love and care about.  
  2. Wonderful friends and the support system I have -- couldn't get by without you!
  3. Food, shelter, clothing and warmth
  4. Sunny days and the outdoors
  5. A steady job and income
  6. Education -- so much to learn, so little time! 
  7. Creative expression and its many forms -- music, art, media, print, spoken word
  8. Adventures -- small and large
  9. Faith to give me strength when there seems to be no hope
Well the grill's on, and it's fah jai tah time! What are you thankful for? Have a wonderful week and I'll see ya tomorrow! 


  1. good stuff. I never heard much about this dress, but it looked pretty- such a pretty and intense colour! I'm glad it worked out for you!!

  2. Love the green shoes with the bright blue! Even though it's a light green, it still pops. Oh and the scarf is from Florence, Italy =)

  3. @thatdamngreendress - it didn't get a lot of love from the community, which probably means I could've waited for 2nd cuts, but I couldn't wait! Thanks!

    @Liezl - I still <3 that scarf, so thanks for that. Color blocking ftw!