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Style Challenge: Socks & Sandals

I keep telling myself that I'll post what Style Challenge I will be doing ahead of time, but apparently my planning skills are pretty fail.  That said, when I had an opportunity to do one of the ones on my list yesterday, I decided to just go for it.  We were going to the first San Jose Eats event, where several food trucks congregated for a street food extravaganza.  The weather was temperate and mild, so I thought it would be a great sandals and socks type of day!

Outfit Details
Dress: Anthropologie Modern Abstract Dress
Socks: Anthropologie
Shoes (wedges): Vintage (gift from coworker)
Shoes (flats): Steve Madden P-Oxfords
Scarf: Vintage Fendi

The lines were so long!  You couldn't even tell where the lines began because it was just so crazy! The BF and I actually came a little later than one of our friends standing in the Filipino food truck line so we didn't have to wait the full 1.5 hours from the back of the line (don't judge, everyone was seriously doing it.  Unless you think little Asian girls can eat 10 orders worth of food by themselves).   We didn't even bother trying to sample any of the other food.  I honestly think they weren't expecting this kind of turn out.

This outfit was a little outside my comfort zone, and to be honest, I forgot to factor in 5 inch heels into a day of walking a lot.  Here are some of my personal tips for getting this to work for you: 
  1.  Make sure your socks coordinate with your outfit (sounds dumb, but I had to think hard about what outfit would go with the socks I had).  
  2. Pick thinner socks that will fit into shoes you typically put bare feet into
  3. Make sure to walk before you leave the house to test  for slippage. The lack of friction may result in tripping -- something I did more than once yesterday.
  4. High heels are best.  Socks interrupt the line of your leg, so you want to be sure you have actual height to compensate for that. 
I've done socks and heels one other time in this post.   Check it out!

Hopefully I'll be back with pictures of the food and a little bit of photo shooting that we did after eating yesterday.  But for now, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the socks + sandals combo! It looks good bc they were both kinda neutral, and the scarf added a nice pop of color :) love it!

  2. I adore the socks + sandals look, but have never tried it myself. Thanks for the tips! I hope the food was worth the long wait! It must be awesome if that many people were willing to stand in line for it. I really don't mind a long wait, as long as the food is delicious!

  3. @Min - Thanks! The scarf was a last minute addition because otherwise the outfit was blah. Glad you like it too!

    @kristin - I was really worried about this challenge, and I did slip a couple times. I think I might try it again! The food was really good too, but I'm not sure I'd do it again because you can actually chase the food trucks at other locations on other days. Food trucks in general are pretty amazing though.

  4. lovely outfit. love it :)))
    Nice blog!
    I'm a your new follower!
    Hope you follow me back

  5. I never thought that that trend could be stylish! You proved me wrong!!

    Monique xx


  6. @Monsieur M - Thanks! I checked out your blog and it's pretty awesome.

    @Monique - I'm so glad you think so! It was a pretty hard challege -- I hope you try it out some time :).

  7. oh thess i know this is one of you old posts ... just started looking through your amazing pic ... and I'd have to say love the look minus the socks ... i just cant get myself to um ... like it ... love the dress, belt and scarf and the big Filipino food truck ... but the socks ...

  8. Hahaha! Don't worry, I'm still not sure I feel about the socks and sandals thing either. I'll make sure to try to wear a filipino food truck with other outfits too ;).