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OOTD: Nap or Out for the Night?

I went down for a nap today at 7pm because I was tired from soccer and hanging out with some friends.  I thought I'd just rest up before catching up on some work that I had to do.  That was the plan anyway.  A plan ruined when I woke up at midnight.  Now, would you consider that a nap or just going to bed for the night?  I'm going to go with nap because I got up. 

Normally at that point I would just go back to sleep, but I hadn't eaten dinner and I was starving!  Er, I mean, I got up because I hadn't blogged.  No, it really was just because I was hungry.

Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Tambour Blouse
Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: J Crew Abby Toe Cap Flats

Floreat makes the best tops.  I love the Tambour Blouse and the way it nips in with all its little details.  The buttons in the front are functional!  It's awesome. 

Ok, I'm going to bed for real now.  Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow. 


  1. ha- I hate it when that happens!

    I love this blouse- such a sweet mix of pastel and lace.

  2. Thanks! It was the worst ever. It was so hard to go back to sleep after eating!

  3. So that's what happened! Didn't realize you both slept that early. Bet Ricky is happy about the skirt. I think you should gather all the kitties in the complex and take a picture with them.