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Double OOTDs: Night and Day

Yesterday was pretty ridiculously busy, so forgive me for not posting.  As a reward, you get TWO outfits today.  It was a work hard play hard kind of day -- I spent the better part of the day working (and I was supposed to have the day off, but whatever) and also had two different groups of ladies that I had plans with. 

My friends and I had bought a deal back in January for a Caribbean scrub and Hot Stone massage for super cheap, but with all our busy schedules hadn't had time to schedule a time for all three of us to go.  We finally found a slot that worked for all of us yesterday, so I'd be darned if I didn't make it.  Unfortunately, work just happened to get really crazy with meetings and presentations, so it took a lot of creative scheduling to make it work -- kind of deters from the point of a relaxing experience, but it actually turned out fine.

Outfit Details
Cardigan: J Crew Katelyn Ruffle Cardigan
Dress: Tucker for Target Button Front Dress
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite Belt
Shoes: Target Merona Makana Cutout Sliver Wedges (on sale here!)

I seriously can't seem to leave a Target without wanting to buy at least one pair of shoes.  It drives me nuts!  It's so unnecessary, but all the pairs are usually reasonably priced and cute, so I can't help myself.  Especially if there's a sale.  My only problem is that the materials they tend to use sometimes make my feet sweaty...because you totally needed to know that.  
After the spa, I went back to work (I know, I know, but I had to!) and then raced home to get ready to meet another group of ladies in San Francisco for dinner and a wine bar.  Yay wine!

Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Cedar Chest Blouse
Shorts: The Limited Drew Double Button Shorts
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Anthropologie Open Space Wedges
Necklace: Anthropologie Tied With a Ribbon Necklace

We went to Park Chow, which had absolutely fantastic dessert -- ginger cake and pumpkin ice cream anyone? -- followed by a few glasses of wine at Inner Fog.  Park Chow is the kind of set up that looks like someone's house -- I seriously wanted to kick people out and live there myself.  Inner Fog is a play on words having to do with the San Francisco fog and the probably the fog that occurs in your mind when you're drinking.  I'm not smart, btw, someone had to explain that to me :P.  I'm so glad it's getting warmer so I can start wearing shorts again!

Well, there's your double outfit post.  I'm going to a wedding shower today, so that's going to be fun and exciting.  Talk to you all later! Thanks for stopping by :). 


  1. You have been busy! I love those teal wedges. A trip to the spa sounds pretty perfect right now:)

  2. The spa is such a great way to treat yourself. Too bad I have to stalk groupon to get deals on it! The wedges are great -- my roommate and I have 3 pairs between the 2 of us since they went on sale :P.