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Anthropologie Wish List

It's no secret to those that know me that I love the store Anthropologie.  Be sure to check out their sale for 25% off sale items -- it ends Jan 3rd!

There are also some new arrivals on the site, that I'm going to start stalking to go on sale.  My bright color senses are tingling, as you'll see from some of my picks. Check them out!

The Make a Splash Cowlneck is cute and versatile!   I wasn't sold on this until they did a 'wear it 3 ways' features on the Anthro website here.  Reviews aren't so hot, so maybe I can score this on a second cut.

Oh Pom Flower Shift, how pretty you are.  Yellow & Green?  My favoritest colors!  So many things you can do with this.  Throw a cardi over it, wear a long sleeve under it, belt it, wear it alone.

The Gathering Harvest Cardigan, previously the Best of the Bunch Cardigan, is something I've been stalking for ages.  I would have acquired it already if it wasn't for the price!  The buttons can be buttoned in so many different ways AND it's super warm.  It sold out almost instantaneously the first time around...maybe it will make it to sale this time?

And finally, the Macchiato Jumper.  I've recently been turned on to neutrals, thanks to Tien of Adiaphane and some other fashion bloggers.  This is sweet and lacy, but can be layered to be dressed down or waaay up. 

That's my short list!  Of course, trying things on is everything, so that will be the real test.  Anything you've got your eye on?

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