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OOTD: Imposter

Today, I had a brilliant idea.  Wear a long blazer over my dress! It's polished, slightly unexpected and amazing.

Too bad I had that idea after I already came home from work.  It's true, readers, I only wore the dress, tights and boots outside the house today.  At least YOU get to see my brilliantly concocted outfit.  I even put on lipstain before the day was out.  Because I'm hard core.   

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Gap (old)
Dress: Zara (still on sale in stores!  See product details here.)
Tights: Banana Republic 
Boots: Ambiance (boutique in San Francisco) 
t-Necklace: Therapy (boutique in Mountain View) 

 Here's the dress without the blazer.  I guess I like to take at least one picture a day rolling my eyes.  

I know!  No Anthro in this outfit. But I love it.  The boots are actually not made of leather (gasp!), which means they are cheap, but are falling apart after 6 months of wear.  The buttons on the side actually fell off on the second wear and I had to replace them with buttons from Joann Fabrics.  Because I'm handy like that.

This last picture I had to show because we were trying some mirror pictures, and my BF looks like a creeper in this one.  I mean...he looks like one hot dude.  There's more to the shot where you can see my shoulder, but then you would also see our messy room with laundry drying on a the drying rack.  Yeah, you can't get into my business like that...yet.  Er, ever.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below :).

Thanks for stopping by!  See you tomorrow!

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