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OOTD: Buttons & Ruffles

And so starts the first day of this blog that I have work and tried to take pictures.  It's so hard to take pictures when I come home after it gets dark!   Here's today's outfit of the day.  I love colored tights and I was going for a muted Christmas theme with moss tights and a wine colored 3/4 sleeve shirt.

 Outfit Details
Dress: Bought off Melrose in L.A.
Shirt: Anthropologie Melting Cowlneck
Tights: Gap
Boots: Anthropologie Pebbled & Primped Boots

That's right, I'm wearing sunglasses indoors.  What? I just want to fit in.  You'll be my friend...won't you?

I have to say that these boots are awesome.  They're a strange mix of gray, olive green and black, which means: a) Super unique! and b) they match everything!  My co-worker said they look galosh-inspired.  Plus, ruffles!

Be sure to check out the awesome print giveaway on Anthoholic!  The art is really pretty and very fashion forward ^_-.  

Thanks for dropping by, see ya tomorrow!

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