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What Does This Button Do!?: Union Square and Yerba Buena Park

Welcome to the first edition of: What Does This Button Do?, where my BF and I try to hack our way through using our DSLR.  Currently neither of us has any training (other than reading on LifeHacker, but everyone knows that's cheating).  Today's feature takes place in downtown San Francisco, more specifically Union Square and Yerba Buena Park.  Hopefully in the future, we'll have actual goals, but for now we're just flying by the seat of our pants. 

There were a heck of a lot of balloon artists (is that a job?) out on the streets today.  My favorite was Spidey here -- he's got to be one of my favorite Marvel characters.  
My BF trying to be a fancy photographer.  I love the silhouette  of the sculpture against the gray sky.  Gotta love the fog in the city.

 Me and my BF at Union Square in front of the giant Xmas tree.  There was a skating rink at Union Square today and it was definitely 55 degrees out.  I'm from Chicago, so how they kept the rink solid was beyond me.  

A candid picture in front of the heart in Union Square, snapped when I wasn't looking.  I love all the colors in this.  On another note, I realized after we were done taking pictures that there was actually a painting of SF on the other side of the heart.  Oops.  Oh well, the back was just as pretty...right?

BF was having a fun time posing his action figures.  Unfortunately, we were having trouble with perspective, so it didn't come out as we thought it would.  This is the best one we had with the American flag in focus and the GI Joe blurred.

One more of the GI Joe for good measure.  

Then: it got dark.  And the fun begins!

 I <3 this picture.  He looks bad ass!

 Using the flash in the dark makes things in the foreground reeeeally bright...

This was taken without the flash utilizing the light from the lamp.  I really like it.

Oh right, and outfit details: Anthropologie Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat (navy), AG Stevie Cords (wine), H&M mock turtleneck (mustard), SE Boutique Haley flats (blue snakeskin), Michael Kors Purse (yellow), Oakley Breathless sunglasses (brown).
We took over a hundred pictures and only a few came out.  We were playing with shutter speed and  quickly realized that our hands were super shaky.  Advice would be super helpful!  Please comment :).

Add Note:  I've added this outfit to Clothed Much: Rule Breaking Monday.  See it here:

See you tomorrow!


  1. I think these colors look great together. I like mustard. Mustard is my favorite. I've watched too much Elf...Stay warm!!!

  2. Thanks! I love mustard too. I have an inordinate amount of it in my closet -- probably too much to be practical.

    I have a friend that quotes Elf all the time. It's a great movie. Thanks for stopping by!