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OOTD: Pushing Daisies

Merry Christmas everyone!  I wasn't able to go home this year, so it was a bit of a sadder Christmas than usual, but we still got up and got dressed!  Here is my church-goin' outfit.  I didn't realize my bib was crooked till after I changed back into comfy PJs, but I think it just looks like part of the dress in the pictures :P. 

Anthropologie Curlytop Cardigan, Anthropologie Kissing Friday Dress, Anthropologie Openwork Circles Tights, Chinese Laundry pumps (old), Anthropologie Plie Necklace

I finally looked into fixing the heels on an old pair that was well loved.  It was $10 and they came back good as new! I'm so excited -- I love the copper tone on these.  

See you all tomorrow!

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