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OOTD: New Blog!

So I'm sitting here, watching The Fifth Element, trying to decide how to handle this first blog post business.  How do your write your very first blog post ever anyway?
For those that know me, the name of this blog is a play on words on my name, which means 'to look for' in Spanish. I'm 27 years old, newly finished with my Master's degree, and trying to figure out what to do next with, well, my life.  I've been out of college for enough time to give up my jeans and babydoll T-shirt phase, but not long enough to solidify who I want to present to the world. So, join me in my journey to find my personal style.  Currently I favor stores such as Anthropologie and JCrew with a little of Forever21, Zara, and little boutique fashion stores like Therapy and Ambiance.  I also love Ebay and secondhand shops for their unique pieces to work into my wardrobe.  Some days I love my outfits and never want to take them off and others I only wear because I'm out of time and just need to get my butt to work.  I'm hoping that this blog will help me grow or whatever, maybe help me with my own Eat, Pray, Love evaluation of life....or something like that.

But I digress.  My goal is to post every outfit I wear, every day -- great, not so great, or somewhere in between.  Who knows, maybe I'll learn something or whatever. 

Anyway, no better way to start than to just start!  Here's my very first outfit of the day:

Fisherman's Companion Sweatercoat (Anthropologie), Buffalo Check Boy Shirt (JCrew), Gifted Skirt (Anthropologie), Spanx Brown Tightend tights (Nordstrom), Chinese Laundry pumps (old) 

Me making faces while BF is trying out his new DLSR.

 Me playing with my iPhone while waiting at the Chibi Taiyaki shop.  OMG, so good!

 Aaaand, me dancing like a stupid face. 

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!  See ya tomorrow!

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