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OOTD: Tweeee!

I've started to feel inspired again.

I'm sure this happens to everyone that starts some sort of blog. For the first few months, you're all revved and jazzed and hyped about it. Every spare minute is spent thinking how to nudge this fledgling of a personal commentary space into a full blown part of the Internets and your life. I mean, come on, I wrote a freaking business plan for this thing, for goodness sakes! (I just got out of business school right when I started this blog, gimme a break already :P).

Well, I hit a lull a few months ago (you can probably tell by the lessened frequency of posts). My lack of motivation was encouraged when the Anthroholic scandal hit, and well, I have no good excuse other than sometimes life gets in the way. Anyway, I've started perusing blogs and reading magazines and keeping notes in my array of tiny Moleskine notebooks. Combine that with finding a pretty solid spot for pictures and I think we may be back in business.

Now, if I can just stop myself from wanting to change 23853409132 times a day because whenever I see a good outfit idea I want to change OMGRIGHTNOW...

Hopefully this means an update to the "About Me" section of this blog and an reinstitution of the "Style Challenges". Or maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

Today's outfit is entirely Anthro, which means that its rather twee.

OOTD: Tweeee!
Outfit Details
Top: Anthropologie Ripple Effect Tee
Shoes: Anthropologie Renesslaer T-Straps
Scarf: Anthropologie
Belt: Anthropologie Snakebite Belt
Sunglasses: Maui Jim
Skirt: Anthropologie Scalloped Clouds Skirt (via Effortless Anthro's Trade Market)
OOTD: Tweeee!OOTD: Tweeee!
OOTD: Tweeee!
OOTD: Tweeee!

Thanks for stopping by!

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