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OOTD: In Search of Light

Oversleeping is a big freaking deal now.  I have to deal with train schedules, the fact that I'm more than an 8 minute drive away from work and crack of dawn times.  Which is why I am currently worshiping my new hero: Powder Dry Shampoo.  Yes, I realize that it's pretty much nothing more than nice-smelling baby powder.  But it volumizes and sucks the oil right out of my hair.  Why did it take me so long to get there?  Now no-shower Sundays can be no-shower every other days!  (Er...I mean..I totally shower everyday.  I'm not that person with BO sitting next to you on the train, I swear).

If you couldn't tell, I did wake up late this morning, and it was one of those days where your outfit just pulls together effortlessly.   Yeah, I know you're jealous.  I'm going to revel in it, because it only happens once every 100439238457 years.

In Search of Light 
Outfit Details
Dress: Tucker for Target Button Front Dress
Leggings: Express
Shoes: Zigi Soho Mixer Boots
Scarf: Fendi (via one of my aunts)
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
In Search of Light
In Search of Light
In Search of Light 

Apparently there's something really awesome to my left in some of those pictures -- I keep looking at it.  
I'm still in the process of figuring out where the light is the best in the new place.  The stairs may indeed be a contender for indoor pictures.  Still need to find a place outdoors though! 

A couple of remixes of this bomb diggity Tucker for Target dress:


Well, off to play Gears of War 3!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is a great dress! I have recently started only washing my hair every other day. It really feels so much better and my color (yep, I have gray hair that I have to hide) lasts longer. I bought some of that dry shampoo (love it), but I only have to use it occasionally.

  2. Target just makes the best dresses :). I have several that I wear all the time.

    What kind of dry shampoo do you use? I'm using Olin at the moment.