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Why I Remix

As you probably know, I'm in the process working through a second round of Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Challenge.  And while it's always fun to jump on the blogger bandwagon, it's important for me to take a look at why I'm participating.  Even before I started this blog, I spent a lot of time on Polyvore, blogspot, tumblr and google just looking at the latest fashion trends.  While they were a great source of inspiration, they also encouraged me to shop when I already had something within the trend that worked in my closet, had no money or both.  Remixing is a great way to help curb that shopping twitch.  And there are so many more reasons!  So, in honor of my roommate, who loves them -- it's list time!

to look for: Style - Why Thessa Remixes
  1. Remixing helps me take a hard look at a portion of my closet and realize I don't always have to buy new things to have a slew of awesome outfits.
  2. I can flex my creative muscles, which is fun in its own right. 
  3. It helps me remember that accessories are friends and not things that clutter my room, but tools to completely change my outfit. Jewelry, scarves, hats, belts -- all so versatile. 
  4. All the money the shopping ban portion saves is great!
  5. Sometimes having less items to choose from, instead a whole closet, reduces the "I don't know what to wear" syndrome.  Remixing reminds me that purging is good. 
  6. Developing my own style is important -- in fact, it's what this blog is all about!  Style is about having a core part of your wardrobe that really works.  The first time I did this challenge, it became really clear to me what I could really depend on, and sometimes the results surprised me.  For example, in the first remix, I really relied on a certain mustard yellow cardigan.  What a weird closet staple, right?  And yet, since that challenge ended, I have to stop myself from wearing it every other day!
Here's a recap of what I've remixed so far for round 2 of 30 for 30-- halfway there! 

Summer Days 1-3
Summer Days 4-6
Summer Days 7-9
Summer Days 10-12
Summer Days 13-15

Interested in seeing the individual blog posts?  Go here.

What do you think?  What have you learned from remixing?  You don't have to be doing the challenge to learn something!  Share in the comments :). 

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