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Anthropologie Outfit Set: An Outfit Safari

Just because I'm not allowed to shop for another 3 weeks doesn't mean that I can't eye the various new arrivals at my favorite stores!  Anthropologie has put out a couple outfit sets in the last week, and I have to say, I'm super excited about the new pieces the brand is putting out.  I find that my style tends to gravitate to 2 general areas -- tomboy-inspired and urban hipster -- sometimes with a touch of girly.  The set "An Outfit Safari" speaks to my tomboyish leanings:

Hearts Desire Cardigan $98, Counting Angles Dress $168, A Good Yarn Fedora $48, Sliver Belt $38
Set 1 Link

I have to say I love this look.  Mustard and olive are my favorite incarnations of my favorite green and yellow colors, and I'm digging how the canvas for these two pops of color is a patterned navy and white dress. The hat is also just the perfect way to hide a girl's messy hair in a fun, stylish way.   That ring is amazing as well with it concave design -- so unique!  I'm just going to have to wishlist the whole dang outfit.  At least the cardi and the dress.

A-New-Classic Blouse $118, Windswept Prairie Skirt $198, Desert Crossing Scarf $138, To Extremes Platform Mules $110

Layers just about float my boat, and if it's comfy and stylish at the same time, I'm totally there.  I already have a very similar skirt to this, so all I need is a chambray shirt and I'm set.  And while I'm wondering how it's even remotely possible that clogs are STILL in style, I have to admin that the ones in this outfit are very fitting and complete the ensemble.  

Abbreviated Blazer $118, Supernova V-neck $78, Slouch-and-Narrow Trousers $128, Primary Gleam Necklace $278, Cut Sprigs Heels $298 

The elements that really make this outfit for me are the color of the pants, the pattern of the shirt and the perfect shrunkeness of the blazer.  Each piece would be able to stand alone in your wardrobe, and together are a pleasing harmony of an outfit.   I'm still trying to get the hang of longer sleeves layered under blazers (especially when cuffing blazer sleeves -- I'm so short it's hard to get it right with two rolls or less), but it seems to work here.  

Airy Weave Pullover $98, Blooming Goldenrod Dress $138, Woven Baubles Dress $128, Salutations and Clothing Heels $128
Outfit 5

Colors for the win again!  Several things are rocking my socks about this outfit.  First, the skirt is actually a dress.  Holy multitasking clothing Batman!  The maroon is also an unexpected but well matched pop of color with the lighter blue and yellow palette.  The necklace helps bring the whole thing together.  What a comfy, but put together look Anthro.  Well done.

Patched Pointelle Tunic $78, J Brand High Rise Flare $202, Hanami Scarf $58, Starfish Cuff $198, Mixing Elements Bangle $358, Corn Lane Slingbacks $388
Outfit 6

This is one of those outfits that I really like, but I don't see the difference between an outfit like this put together from Anthro pieces and an outfit put together from other stores.  That said, there are definite props to this outfit -- nothing says put together casual like flare jeans, heels and a well constructed tank top.  The scarf is very cute and, because I'm a scarf person myself, I wouldn't mind owning this one. 

Bargello Tank $118, Scribble Shorts $78, Obscured Orbs Necklace $48
Outfit 7

I'm a sucker for a good outfit with shorts in it, an this one is no exception.  The ombre effect on this particular pair of shorts is pretty awesome, and it goes really well with the pattern of the tank.  The tank would be a very versatile piece -- have it flow loose like in this outfit, have it tucked in, belt it, whatever -- and you'd be in good shape.  Now if only you could see the shoes they paired with this outfit...

Want to check out the rest?  Follow the link here.

What are your favorite Anthro outfits from this set?  Are there any new arrivals that you're crushing on now?


  1. Ahhhh!! I LOVE outfit 5!!! The colors are amazing and the mixed textures are cool too. I'm digging that knitted fedora hat. Buy it. You'd look super cool.

  2. Seriously, it's between outfit 5 and outfit 1 for me. I'll just have to stalk all of it. Oooh! March IS my bday month though -- w00t for bday discount.